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  • Author Kathryn Dawson
  • Published February 3, 2011
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If you have a printer then you will need to learn at some point all about printer ink and cartridges. There isn't a great deal to know, but what there is to be known is important. This article acts as a guide to ink cartridges for printers. Here you will learn the different types of ink cartridge available and what the difference is between printer ink and toner. You will also learn where to buy printer ink from and how to save on printing costs too. There is a lot to cover so let's get started!

Printer ink is vital if an inkjet printer is to run. When you buy a printer, the chances are good that you will be given a free ink cartridge with your printer. Be warned that the ongoing ink costs may cost more than the printer itself. When you buy a printer it is a bit like you are entering into a contract with the manufacturer, and make no mistake the manufacturer knows this and will make the most of it through high ongoing printer ink costs! Choose your printer wisely therefore. If you don't print very much always choose inkjet over a laser printer and make sure you only print what is absolutely necessary. Print only in black and white too if you can.

If you have bought or own a laser printer then you will need to buy toner, as opposed to ink. This is a different substance altogether that is burned onto the paper to create the text or images. Toner is generally more expensive than ink so again, keep costs to a minimum by only printing when absolutely necessary. If you are very new to the printer world then you need to assess what the printer will be for. If it is for occasional printing at home then an inkjet printer will be able to fulfill your needs well. If the printer is for a large office that relies on printed sheets then perhaps a laser printer with toner is more appropriate as laser printers can print more sheets per hour than inkjet printers can.

When it comes to buying printers and ink, you will want to choose based on the ongoing costs of the ink, and you will want to ensure you find the cheapest printer ink and toner possible. Do your research beforehand, taking notes about printers and the costs of the ink. Always look for the cost per yield figure as this provides an accurate comparison between different brands and models of cartridge. It is always cheaper to buy both ink cartridges and toner online. Virtual stores have much lower running costs than high street shops so they can pass on big savings to their customers. They also have a wider choice available and can offer delivery straight to your door too. Often free delivery is thrown into the mix on larger orders.

It is a good idea to find a reputable seller of printer ink and cartridges by searching online. When you find a professional and well functioning website with customer service staff available and plenty of choice then you have found a winner! If you need any help then contact the team via email or telephone. It can be so easy to pick up the wrong printer cartridge when you are buying in a high street shop, as they do all look similar! This mistake doesn't often happen on the net however - there's another reason for shopping online.

If you are in the market for some ink cartridges then you should shop online for the best deals available. Whether it is canon ink you need or are looking for lexmark ink cartridges or in fact any other make, model or product, you will find what you need online.

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