Axion AXN6070A 7-Inch Portable DVD Player Review

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  • Author Karina Whitfield
  • Published February 2, 2011
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Product Description

The Axion AXN6070 portable DVD player has a 7'' Wide-Screen TFT LCD monitor with hi-resolution and hi-brightness. It has a sleek and slim design. It features a top-loading DVD/CD/MP3 player with anti-shock and anti-vibration. It has an audio/video jack for game/camcorder's input and supporting external TV/monitor. It has a card-style remote control for DVD player. There are built-in stereo speakers on the front of the monitor. It has dual Hi-Fi stereo headphone output. You can adjust the volume and brightness. It operates on 9V DC, with AC/DC adapter for indoor use, cigarette lighter adapter for in-car use, or rechargeable battery pack at bottom for portable use. It has a flip up screen, with the viewing angle adjustable up to 180 degrees. There is power LED. The DVD menu includes up, down, left, right, ok pause, stop, wide, previous, play, and next buttons.

Product Review

At the same time that I purchased the Axion AXN6070A 7" Portable DVD Player for my kids, I also purchased the Phillips PET824 8.5" portable DVD player for myself. The Phillips is in a different league than the Axion, and if you're a traveler that will rely on the battery life of the portable DVD player, then you definitely don't want the Axion. The Phillips is a bit more expensive, but it has everything and more than you could want out of a portable DVD player.

Both the Phillips and the Axion LCD screens are crystal clear. You lose a little definition as you move side to side (as with most LCD type screens), but nothing too drastic that would warrant a complaint. The Phillips PET824 has an 8.5" screen and the Axion a 7" screen. The 1.5" difference is not dramatically different, but the larger Phillips screen does enhance the viewing experience.

The sound is fair on both the Phillips and the Axion without headphones, but I don't think that the idea was to use the units without them. Sound is fabulous on the Phillips with a good pair of headphones, and just okay on the Axion; your iPod headphones will do just fine for either unit (and if you don't have a pair you'll need to buy one because the players don't come with any). Both have two audio output jacks, and a 3-way splitter (not included) worked fine on both so that 4 people could watch and listen at the same time with headphones.

Here's the big difference between the two units: Battery Life.

I've gotten almost 7 hours out of the Phillips' battery, and the Axion's battery gives you less than 2 hours. Therefore, if you're an airline traveler or just want to bring your player somewhere that you can't use either the car adapter or the DC adapter, then you absolutely don't want the Axion; you want the Phillips.

On a recent airline trip the Axion--after a full charge--conked out after less than two hours...that's not even a full movie in most cases.

The Phillips' battery is a bit bulky. You'd think that with today's technology they'd be able to slim it down, but you can't complain about the 6+ hours of life you get with it after a full charge. The Axion's battery is smaller and more lightweight than the Phillips, but what can you do other than watch a few SpongeBob episodes with less than two hours of battery life. The Phillips PET824 is good for at least 2 full-length features before charging and that's awesome for long trips where you can't use the DC adapter or car adapter.

The car adapter on both the Axion and the Phillips work great and they both have long cords. So no need for the battery on car trips. The Axion at best might be a nice, less expensive alternative if you won't be taking your portable DVD player to places that require battery use.

Both the Phillips and the Axion fit in my small briefcase, and they're both relatively light. The Axion is a feather compared to the Phillips. Amazon sells cases for the units that can mount on the back of the driver or passenger seats. The case I got also mounts in between the driver and passenger seats. I'd highly recommend a case for your player. I went with the Case Logic Koskin DVD Player Case.

All in all....The Phillips PET824 was a much more satisfying purchase for me. For my purposes, the Axion just won't do for airline trips, and that's a major requirement; hence, the Axion is a major disappointment. But as I said earlier, the Axion is certainly a viable alternative if you don't mind sacrificing screen size and you don't plan on the need for battery power.

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