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  • Published February 15, 2011
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A common question within the blogging community is why do bloggers need to build a list? With so many visitors subscribing to their sites via rss feeds already it would seem that building a list would be redundant. Well for starters there is a big difference behind what motivates people to subscribe to your blog as opposed to joining your email opt in list. If yours is a money making blog, or you are striving to develop it into one, building lists can be a huge advantage in terms of generating an income!

Let's quickly examine how subscribers and list members differ in terms of your ability to successfully develop a money making blog

Acceptance of Promotional Messages

People who join any of your lists are willing to accept promotional material from you. In fact being away from the 'noise' of the blogging platform allows email recipients to focus only on the message sent them.

Contact Management

The ability to make contact as opposed to waiting for a subscriber to 'drift' by is a big asset when promoting online. When you have something to offer it may be time sensitive and can not wait. By being in control of the contact schedule you have, you are better able to compose and deliver messages more timely and effectively!

Greater Concentration of Useful Blog Content

By being able to promote directly to people using email allows the blogger to keep promotional offerings from 'cluttering' up their site. In this way the content posted will be of a higher quality and more appealing to everybody! The longer you are able to maintain the loyalty of your current subscribers the better the chance they may eventually join your email opt in list! Of course when this occurs your ability to earn a greater income increases as well!

Hopefully from our discussion above you better appreciate the need for even a blogger to build a list. As true as it may be that most blogs are set up to accept subscribers to their rss feeds, that need for building a list still exist in terms of promotional effectiveness. When people join your email opt in list they are also agreeing to accept marketing material from you. On the other hand feed subscribers are more interested in merely viewing the content you post and not necessarily in making purchases. By virtue of being able to use emails for promotional purposes you can now keep your marketing efforts at a minimum on your blog. This should now help improve the quality of your updates and maintain the satisfaction of your entire reader base!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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