Frigidaire Dehumidifier - Why is it one of the Best Dehumidifier Brands on the Market?

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  • Author Tom Warren
  • Published February 15, 2011
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A Frigidaire Dehumidifier will do what you expect a dehumidifier to do. It will control humidity in the house, dry out a wet basement, eliminate musty odors, stop the growth of toxic black mold, lower the number of dust mites, reduce allergy triggers in the home, prevent condensation and damp and so on.

A dehumidifier has do many things well. It has to remove a lot of moisture yet be energy efficient; it should be a powerful dehumidifier but it must be a "whisper quiet" dehumidifier; it has to be strongly made yet is has got to be light weight; it should have a huge water collection container but it has to be compact; it should have lots of hi-tech features but it should cost less than $100!

It must be obvious that every single thing we want from the "perfect" dehumidifier conflicts with at least one other thing. A dehumidifier that excels at "quietness" will probably be less effective at moisture removal, for example.

Let's imagine for a moment that you are not choosing a dehumidifier; you are choosing athletes for the next Olympic Games. You pick "horses for courses" and you can tell, even by looking at some top athletes that they are more suited for one event than another.

First we are looking for a sprinter. All those beefy guys with huge shoulders and bulging muscles on their arms and legs look right but hey, wait a minute, what about that skinny guy in the corner, surely he can't be an athlete? Actually he's last year's Gold Medal winner, in the Marathon, he's just in the wrong room. See what I mean?

What about Jim Smith? "What's your best time in the 100 Jim? Eleven seconds? Good enough for the college team then, ha ha!" Jim looks like a sprinter, he is a sprinter, he's a Gold Medal winner, but not in the sprint. He looks like a Long Jumper, he is a Long Jumper, he's a Gold Medal winner, but not in the Long Jump.

Ok, I know you've got it by now. Jim is a Decathlete. To win a Gold Medal he has to be good at ten athletic events; very good. He's never going to win a medal for a single event but he's good enough to beat everyone else across ten


Let's meet Jim Smith, also known as the Frigidaire Dehumidifier. This guy will never be the quietest dehumidifier, but he's pretty darn quiet. He'll never be the most energy efficient dehumidifier but he's easy on the power all the


The Frigidaire Dehumidifier is the Decathlete of dehumidifiers, that's why it's a medal winner. Controlling humidity in your house is a contest for decathletes, not sprinters or jumpers. It's about doing everything well even if there is always another dehumidifier that can beat you in at least one of your ten events, although not in more than one or two.

If you need a dehumidifier that's an all-rounder" you could do worse than to choose one that excels at being an all-rounder. The Frigidaire Dehumidifier does exactly this and wins my Gold Medal award as one of the best home dehumidifiers money can buy.

Tom Warren publishes advice about buying dehumidifiers and preventing moisture damage in the home. He reviews dehumidifiers of major and lesser known brands and models. More information can be found at Best Dehumidifier Choice

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