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  • Published February 19, 2011
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If you decide to create an eBook, how can you use it to make money? Simply put, you place your affiliate link on the eBook. When people get copies of this eBook, they can click on the link in order to go straight to the site and make a purchase.

By giving a sample away of the information, it piques the curiosity of the person who receives it. When you give relevant information to someone, it creates demand for that information. Once you've sold someone (or in this case given away) a glass of water, what do you do? You sell them the second glass.

You are in a unique position – if you are one of my affiliates you don't have to actually provide the product, and you don't have to write the eBook. Your job is to travel throughout the internet, or friends, and give away this first glass of water - the eBook. By doing so, because your affiliate link tracks back to you, when they pay for the second glass, you get credit for the sale because they followed your link.

Obviously, not everyone who receives the eBook will become a sale. This is a very easy task, but that's not to say no work is required. Your job is to put the eBook, your own personal advertisement if you will, in front of as many people as possible.

Now there are many techniques to accomplish this, and there are things you can do to complement the results you achieve through the eBook. Don't get ahead of yourself, however. We'll cover all of that. For now, we're going to focus on how to get that eBook in front of as many people as possible.

Since you need to get the eBook to people, start with the people easiest to get it to. It's like picking fruit – grab what's closest to the ground to start with. How, you ask? The answer is actually sitting right in front of you. Go through your email addresses book. These are the people you will want to start off with – the trunk and main limbs of your tree.

You will want to send to these people, who will then send it to others - this is the tree growing and the limbs sprouting that are higher up. This helps get the eBook out there and received by multiple people.

If each of your "limbs" sprouted off numerous "branches" you are getting your eBook to people you may not be in direct contact with. This is the fruit that is still hanging on the tree that you may have to get a step-stool or even climb the tree, so to speak, in order to get your hands on.

Since you may want to increase how fast your eBook is distributed, you may need to rely on someone who sends lots of emails. This is like moving from a tree that may only be a sapling, with few branches, towards a tree that is much larger and therefore has more fruit to grasp. Let them know not to spam, but also to let people know that they found it of interest and it may be of interest to others.

If you know someone enjoys fresh apples, you may want to let them know there is a sale on apples at your grocery store. They, in turn, may want to let a person who enjoys apple dumplings know about the sale, who in turn may tell about the sale to someone who enjoys apple pies.

The trick is, don't ask if it's ok to send it. Ask them if they WANT it sent to them. This is a subtle difference, but instead of asking permission, they are now asking YOU for the eBook.

By using a friend who sends lots of emails to help distribute your eBook, you are now getting to those people you didn't have direct contact with before. At this point, you have someone else gathering the fruit for you.

When your initial base of people has received the eBook, you can't merely stop. We'll talk more about list generation in a later lesson, but for now - focus on getting the eBook to people who will be genuinely interested in it.

The key here is that you want it in the hands of people who know, like, and trust you. Later on, these will be very important words to remember, because they are part of list cultivation.

Now that you're armed with a basic knowledge of how to get a base of customers quickly and easily, you have to decide – are you going to be happy knowing how - or are you going to put it to use!

E. Alan Cowgill

E. Alan Cowgill is the owner of Colby Properties, LLC. and President of Integrity Home Buyers, Inc. Since 1995, Alan has bought and/or sold hundreds of single family and small multi-family investment properties. His home study system, 'Private Lending Made Easy', shows others how to find private lenders for their very own real estate business.

His website is http://www.ALANCOWGILLSTORE.INFO

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