PTC And Affiliate Marketing: Two-In-One Way To Make Money From Home

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  • Published March 15, 2011
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PTC or Pay-To-Click is a business model wherein site owners pay a PTC site (we’ll refer to this as SITE from now on) to advertise for them. The SITE then gets people to sign up and pays them a fixed amount to said ads. This is a very profitable situation because the advertisers get their traffic, the SITES get paid to advertise, and the SITE’s members (let’s refer to them as CLICKERS) get paid as well just to view those ads. In other words, it’s profitable for all the groups involved.


What is the difference between PTC and PPC? Just to be clear, PTC refers to the act of clicking on ads to earn money. PPC (or Pay Per Click) refers to paying sites a certain amount when someone clicks on an ad. PPC is what a webpage owner does to bring traffic to his site. Let’s use an example for better understanding: Arnold has a web site about electronics and he wants to drive traffic so he can profit. He will then start up a PPC campaign with Google. When somebody clicks on the ad, he then gets charged for that click. I hope that made sense.

So How Is Affiliate Marketing Tied Up With PTC?

When doing this, you have the option of going at it on your lonesome. Of course, you shouldn’t expect to make much money quickly. Sincerely, it will take upwards of two(2) months before you can even ask for a payout from SITES that you are a member of. The wise thing to do is to recruit people to sign up under you as your downline. This is where affiliate marketing (let’s refer to this as AM) comes in. When you join in a SITE, you will be given your very own affiliate link. Advertise this link however you can. You may decide to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. You may e-mail your friends, relatives, etc. and include the link. Be imaginative, you can use all the downlines you can get.

Why Do I Need Downlines?

Simple, once you have downlines, you make money from their clicks too! Some SITES may offer up to the third (3rd) level. Make sure you read the terms of agreement. What’s certain is, you will benefit greatly from having as many downlines as you can. Another choice is to rent referrals, which means that you allot some of your earnings to pay for them.

So there you have it, how to earn money at home just clicking on ads. And it teaches you AM as well. It’s a great way to begin in internet marketing, and you don’t even have to really spend money at all to get started.

Find out more about how to do ptc.

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