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  • Author Janise Majette
  • Published April 19, 2011
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All wise investors know that the smart thing to do is avoid putting all your money in one investment vehicle. Too much has happened in recent years that proves why diversity is smart. Maybe you were not around for it, but the Adsense program made an incredible change some years ago that wiped out many people. There were tons of people making excellent money, and when it stopped very many people were hurt. That is why so many actively prefer to find alternatives to Adsense. You do not have to rely totally on Adsense because there are some solid alternatives available, now.

One of the better choices among Adsense alternatives is AdBrite. If you've ever looked at them before, you may want to look again, as they've updated their site quite a bit. The best thing about AdBrite is that, compared to Google, they're much less tyrannical. Of course they have their TOS that they expect you to follow, but they are a little more laid back. There is the disadvantage that there are fewer ad formats compared to Adsense. You can get as many as most companies offer, though. What else is there to recommend about AdBrite? You can buy full page interstitial ads, plus you can use inline page links as well. You will not be disappointed with their payout structures, as they are certainly competitive in the industry. There is so much variety, and that is what we are talking about when we mention AzoogleAds Network and CPA offers. If your site receives excellent traffic, then this is something you really should think about. As you may or may now know, cost per action advertising is called, CPA, and that is what this business is all about. This is where you can run ads for the largest corporations, and the selection of offers is insane. We doubt you will find anyone who has complaints about this company, so that should help to assuage any fears, etc. You really can make quite a bit of money with CPA ads, and there is a lot of diveristy with their product range. If your site is established, then that will help you get accepted by them.

Kanoodle is a company that's come out with a popular advertising concept they've named BrightAds. They will determine the type of content on your site and will find ads to match your content. The BrightAds that appear on your site will be chosen by their relevance to your content. This company takes a different approach and stays away from keyword based ad matching models. Instead, they map according to topics and topical segments which is an interesting concept for contextual based ads. This is certainly a clever, and possibly more effective way to choose contextual ads. You really do not have to look very far to find tons of alternatives to Google Adsense. There has been a lot of demand for different situations, and businesses have been stepping up to the plate. Plus it is exciting to see so many newer uses for technology with the various ad venues.

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