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  • Author Praveen Sivaraman
  • Published April 26, 2011
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Affiliates is one of the best way to make quick money online, these Affiliate earnings will tell and test your marketing skills online, though you might be an efficient offline marketer. If you are good at marketing, you will find yourself learning a good and powerful technique to boost the business of your products and services via affiliate links. Still, there are few ways/tips which will help you to increase your affiliate earnings sky high.

Here are some of the tips that can an increase your affiliate earnings:

1.Promote products of high value: Promoting products with high values will guarantee that you with an income and will promote your earning potentials in lesser time. In addition, products of high values are the one that will have regular customer, who in turn might recommend to other customers, which will also increase your earning potential when those who were recommended by you refer a third person. This will also in turn fetch you an income and will spread the network as earnings from your direct sales, from your referrals indirectly and from your referral’s referral and so on.

2.Keyword Tool: The best way to get your ad noticed is by placing them in appropriate positions meaning that you get the best spot for identification. This is best achievable when you use keyword tool, which aids in preparing articles that are rich in keywords. Some of the features that come in handy while using this tool are inline display of the prominent and associated keywords for which a search is done, to edit and post articles rich in keyword and great opportunity for promoting affiliate earnings by embarking promotion settings in the admin panel. These appear in the article with a tag name which is keyword optimized. This tool can definitely increase your product sales since the traffic becomes a targeted one.

3.Joining closed door affiliate programs: These affiliate programs will require you to have some investment done to join their network like how you get shares for a company in the share market. One advantage of adding yourself to a closed network is that your business links provided and the money transactions made are usually secure and will have receipts and bills that you can file a DLMA complaint if you find some frauds in the network.

4.Know your clients and keep track of them: Start collecting details of all your clients who are making use of your affiliate programs to buy and use your services and products. By this way, you can send more products and services to your customers who will better be interested in sharing revenues with you. Also follow up on those who follow your steps to affiliate marketing for when they use your links or your referrals to get a unique link for them, then you will be able to increase on your earnings via their earnings and their referrals. This way you build through your links and their referrals, of course a big network as well.

5.Blending your ad units for other’s pages: It is not possible for you to add your links into someone else’s website, still you can promote your affiliate links by optimizing them to simple ad units that are easy to be targeted to the limited space available. There are number of ad creators and banner creators available out in the market for you to use.

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