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  • Published April 26, 2011
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Your blog writing is a significant factor in not only attracting new visitors but also gaining reader loyalty as well! There is much talk about how many top bloggers post frequently and how important that may be but the quality of the blog content will be the 'foundation' of the platform itself! Looking at some of the popular blogs found online they all seem to share one common characteristic and that is that their posts all seem to serve a purpose. In some way their readers for the most part seem to derive some type of benefit from viewing any new updates! In some cases even though the updates may not be frequent, as long as the blog content delivers in some way, viewers remain satisfied which of course leads to continued loyalty.

Here are 5 simple ways in which you can present your blog content so that it always delivers some type of 'value' to readers keeping them satisfied and loyal.


Adopt a style of writing that gets your readers more involved in the content you post. Asking questions, making shocking statements or even being empathetic to their interests or concerns will help to further engage them. Keep in mind that your updates are really an ongoing conversation with your readers so make an effort to try and 'relate' to them through your blog content.


Informing or educating people on the subject you are writing about is always a good way to offer value to anybody who visits your site. This is something all the top bloggers do and why they have popular blogs because everybody enjoys learning something more about things with which they hold an interest.

Create Interest

Not every post you compose is going to be educational but you can also take 'old' news and present it in such a way to make it more interesting. Looking at comments left and seeing what posts are the most popular on your platform gives you a fair idea of what intrigues your readers. Use this information to help you compose blog content that your people will find interesting!

Provoke Thought

By simply sharing your opinions or insight you can easily provoke the thoughts of others regardless of whether they agree with you or not. Many popular blogs use this approach to 'stir up' their readers in an effort to increase the interaction at the site. The more comments that are left the more others tend to join in as well and this is something you want to help strengthen the sense of community and belonging on your blog! This is a great way for developing loyalty!


When the opportunity presents itself always try to inspire or motivate the people who visit your site! People are returning to your site because they have an interest in what you have to say, therefore this also puts you in a great position to offer encouragement as well! Who out there can not benefit from the encouraging words of another?

Always be mindful that your blog writing needs to deliver some type of value to the people who frequent your platform. In fact many popular blogs have demonstrated that it is the quality and not the frequency of their updates that win reader loyalty. When you consider all the choices people have in terms of blog content they can view online you want to be sure to always give visitors something worth their while. The 5 suggestions offered above are ways in which you can offer beneficial content to your viewers and if done so consistently can easily make you one of the top bloggers in your niche!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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