3 Ways to Get Repeat Visitors To Your Site

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  • Author Janise Majette
  • Published April 27, 2011
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As an Internet marketer one of the most important things that you need to realize is the value of getting new customers. Generating new customers can be difficult unless you know how to leverage your existing account base. You will quickly discover that a sticky site is more important than new customer creation. In the following article we shall be looking into three simple tips that you can use to make your website more sticky.

The smartest way to go about making people want to visit your site over and over is to give them what they want in the way of great information. It is not a hard concept to put into action, and you simply provide your niche with exactly what they want, but you have to make the content well researched and written. If you want people to think your content is good, then be sure to do your research and write it well - outsource it if you have to do that. Many people think 'writing' and get turned off, so you either hire a freelancer or do it yourself. Some people ask their audience what bugs them most, or what do they really have an interest to know more about. Then you transform all of that into very good content, and that is how you keep repeating the process. 2) The other reason why people would like your site and return to it is because they find your navigation simple to understand. Even though this might not seem like a big factor for many, it does influence the activity of your users and encourages more engagement from them. The fact is that no one wants to go surfing websites where most of their time is wasted searching for links to different places. A clear site map is the best way to help your visitors and allow search engines to correctly index your site.

The standard font color is always black, usually, because the background is usually white. The very best combination probably for all markets is white background color with black font color. You want your visitors to have a professional impression of your site and that's only possible if you have dark text on a light background. This is what you will see with all business websites, so no need to be a pioneer about it. If you want to try something alternate, then just run a split test and look at the stay times.

One of the best things you can do for repeat visitors is to have terrific content on your site. If you have a lot of traffic, then that will help because you can test quickly and get results. This process of getting more repeat visitors takes time, so just have patience with it and keep going.

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