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  • Author Angel Rose
  • Published May 3, 2011
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When it comes to "cash gifting", many shy away from the idea because of the possibilities of it being illegal. According to the IRS, gifts become taxable income when one receives them from any one person per calendar year; at a certain amount (twelve grand). So I realize that is where it is questionable. Whether the individual decides to claim the taxable amount is to each their own decision. But gifting itself is not illegal. With the whole idea of it being a pyramid scheme, I learned not all cash gifting programs are structured the same. Besides, many successful corporations are built on a pyramid platform and they are not illegal. Direct TV offers a hundred for every person you refer using your account number.

I had researched cash gifting for about a year before I decided to really look into different programs. I went to different forums and talk to people about their programs and of course, watched the YouTube videos of people opening up their envelopes full of cash. I became excited and hopeless all at the same time. I knew that if I got caught up in all the hype, I would most certain have a reality check.

I also took into account in order for cash gifting to be successful, it is really important for the team to be unselfish, ungreedy, non fearful, optimistic and help one another by mentoring the new ones that come into the program. When I came across the people’s program, I was happy with the idea that they have been around for such a long time and the fact that they have an all around good reputation.

When it came time to join, I contacted 8 people from the op-tins of their websites, and videos, and only two contacted me. The rest left it up to their auto responders! I was furious and unsubscribed from them. It just left the impression of laziness shadiness. I spoke to a woman from the people’s program and the other was a gentleman from a different program that had a completely different matrix system. They both sounded like great opportunities. But I decided to join his program instead of the people’s program and here’s why:

The people’s program

$200 to start (which included $50 admin fee) for your back office support.

If you bring in someone who gifts you at a higher amount say 3,000 than you came in on (500), you have to take your $500 and the remaining portion goes to your sponsor(s)!

You have to bring in as many people you can to make residuals.

The people on top can leave you in the dust if you have no good mentorship or team effort.

My family of friends

$100 to start with no admin fee.

The unique 2x2 matrix system ensures everyone moves up together and to the next level when its time.

The matrix system ensures proper placement for every one person that comes in.

You can be a part of more than one 2x2 boards. Imagine being in a $100, $600 and $3,000 board at the same time!

Everyone has their turn in the receiving position. We consistently follow one another instead of relying on only new members that join.

It’s a cycling matrix system instead of a "ground up" pyramid platform.

So there is no room for greed here!

Great common things both programs offer:

Automated tracking system on everyone’s efforts

flexible payment methods

"squeeze" pages and auto responders for list building!

the ability to personalize your own page

I am part of a community of friends helping friends

who have come together as a team to help each

other through these hard economic times.

In today's economy, people NEED money NOW.

So many folks are losing their jobs, homes and

worst of all... Hope!

-angel rose

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