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  • Author Janise Majette
  • Published May 5, 2011
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This information will explain the nuances between your two very different traffic sources. Each type of traffic generation requires a different skill set and budget. Cost Per View traffic mandates that the user possess a little bit of money to learn with. Article marketing does not require anything at all, unless you would like to try to automate it. In that case it can be more expensive than CPV increasing visitor count. Why don't we compare the two and find out which is better.

First off, CPV targeted traffic, or cost per view targeted traffic, utilizes hardware to show pop-up ads to users who've installed the hardware. It's not to become confused with spyware, which is illegal. adware has been around for ages, almost since the beginning of the Internet. It pops up ads the website the user is looking at. This allows marketers a chance to show ads that are very geared to their offer. It's known as cost per view since you pay literally for each impression from the pop-up. It does not matter whether the target clicks the ad or otherwise. It is a very lucrative traffic source if used correctly.

Article marketing, on the other hand, is among the most popular traffic generation means of new Online marketers. The tougher reason being that article marketing does not cost almost anything to do. It can be done for free. It simply involves lots of writing and submitting to article directories. It is a very steady but very slow process. Many people cannot stand the tedium of article promotion and tried to speed it up by using tools and auto submit programs. The things they don't realize can there be usually wasting their times on subpar websites. If you are likely to do article marketing, you may as well still do it and stay with the high quality web sites only. Also, article marketing experts are recognized to spin their articles a great deal using computer applications which substitute words with synonyms. This will make the written text almost unreadable in most cases. It is not a recommended method either.

In conclusion, I feel that CPV traffic generation is the greatest way to go. The results are instant and there is no waiting around for search engines like google to index your articles. Plus you can get a lot of targeted traffic very quickly that allows you to test offers faster and obtain results faster. This really is helpful.

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