Christchurch Is Still a Beautiful City in My Mind

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  • Author Lily Smith
  • Published May 10, 2011
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I am sure you have been informed that Christchurch suffered a 6.3magnitude earthquake on this Tuesday afternoon, the local time. This earthquake, according to the newspaper I read yesterday, is the country’s biggest disaster in the last 8 decades. The rescue team in Christchurch is striking to search for those lost in the wreckage. Apart from this, foreign rescue team workers arrived to join the search in Christchurch before the time is running out for survivors. Anyway, the chance to find survivor is rather slim. Not only is the people who are still in the wreckage but also their relatives suffering great pain. You cannot believe the damage in this city, which was once a beautiful place when I visited it last year.

Located the east coast of the South Island, Christchurch has all the amenities of a modern city, just like any city in America. You can see people wear stylish clothes walking in the street with a fashionable iphone cover in hand; you will also feel that Christchurch is a regional center. Its famous Gothic revival cathedral, grey-stone nineteenth century buildings, tree-lined avenues and extensive leafy parks have preserved the grace and charm of an earlier era, which has been attracting tourists all over the world for ages. Spending a whole day in this featured place, visitors are able to enjoy such exotic scenery.

Christchurch is alive with bright color, atmosphere and world-class attractions, which is also a graceful city that values its culture and heritage, but offers a year round range of fresh and exciting adventures and activities. The city is full of delights, from the beautiful neo-gothic Arts Centre, to the historic tram which loops the city centre, to the Christchurch Gondola and unique attractions like the International Antarctic Centre. The shopping is superb and the restaurants are a celebration of fresh, natural New Zealand foods and fine wines. Great shopping malls in Christchurch are no difference from that in any modern cities. A variety of electronic items can be found easily such as cell phone, mp3 player, flash drives, and emergency battery. If you have more interests in little gizmos, then the small stores in the streets are the ideal places for you. I bought several flashlights with unusual design.

Noted for its high achievement in gardening, Christchurch is also a perfect place for events and festivals. Whatever the season you come to visit, you'll find a non-stop program of entertainment with events like the Festival of Romance, winter Arts Festival, and Showtime Canterbury in November. These exotic festivals leave deep impression on you; on the other hand, it will be regretful if you miss them.

It is pretty convenient in Christchurch as it contains one of the two main international airports for the country, and is connected via a tunnel to a seaport at Littleton on Bank's Peninsula. It is widely regarded as the Gateway to the South Island and is the perfect place to base your New Zealand holiday. I suggest you spend much time on the things that surround you and take enough photos as I spent time on sightseeing rather than taking photos last year.

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