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  • Published May 15, 2011
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The more unique your blog posts tend to be the more engaging they will be to your readers. Whenever you are writing content you intend to post on your site you want it to make it interesting to read. In this way you will build reader loyalty faster while creating more of a buzz about your blogging platform within the community or niche. The best way to accomplish this is by creating unique entries that at the same time provoke a reaction from those who view your updates.

Here are 3 simple things to consider when writing content for your blog that will make it more interesting to read while also stirring up a reaction from viewers!

Share Your Opinion

First off everybody has got an opinion and in most cases there are always going to be differing views on the same subject matter. Sharing your opinion, and one that may not be too widely held by others, on any subject matter of relevance to your blog is a great way to induce readers to react! Now if you are shy about sharing your opinions with others get over it and remember it is your blogging platform! Believe it or not people love to hear the opinions of others whether they agree with it or not since this is how we become better informed. In most cases the people who will likely find your opinions more interesting to read will be those who do not share them. Remember you are presenting the subject to them in a way that they are not use to viewing it!

Know of What You Speak

If you are to take a hard stance or offer your opinion on anything its best to be familiar with what you are blogging about. Remember these sites are interactive and it is likely a reaction will be forthcoming therefore you want to be prepared to respond when needed! The last thing you want is to be discredited on your own blogging platform due to a lack of knowledge or inaccurate information. It also only stands to reasons the more familiar you are about a particular subject the more willing you may be to stick your neck out. Consider writing content like this as a way to 'instigate' a friendly and spirited debate from which much can be learned by many!

Share the Pulpit

Always always remain the cordial host and allow others to also voice their own opinions even if they are counter to yours own! This opens the 'floor' to a discussion that will obviously cover a broader spectrum of information pertaining to the subject matter. This also encourages others to join in thereby making any additional comments even more interesting to read while creating a greater sense of community on the site.

Two important notes here are to never take comments personally and to never allow comments that are not constructive or relevant to the discussion. As a blogger you need to be thick skinned and allowing irrelevant or intentionally inflammatory comments only distracts from the discussion!

As a rule the more unique and interesting your blog posts are the more engaged your readers will be. This therefore is something to keep in mind when writing content for your blogging platform and the 3 suggestions mentioned above offered a 'bullet-proof' way of doing so! Simply remember in most cases your opinions are uniquely yours, just be sure you know of what you blog about before posting updates in this manner! By following the simple guide offered above you should be able to kick out updates that are interesting to read quite easily!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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