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  • Author Tj Philpott
  • Published May 17, 2011
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Blog posting frequency is important insofar as you do want to maintain fresh content on your platform. The question of how often you post a blog update is many times determined by factors such as your writing skills and quite simply life itself! Considering these factors allows you to make a better determination of the most effective schedule for you when writing content to post to your blogging platform.

Here are 3 leading factors that can influence how often you do post a blog update to your site and as you will see more is not always necessary if certain criteria is met!


Although it is commonly assumed that a more frequent blog update schedule will yield better results this is not always true. The reasoning is that you want to give current readers and new visitors more to view in terms of quantity, this will compel them to continue returning. On the other hand it would seem the same results could be achieved simply by giving them 'more' to view in just one visit. When you consider the typical post averages 2 to 3 hundred words how about a single update longer in length but of comparable quality content? In this way visitors can still get the same amount of content in terms of quality and quantity but in less visits to your blogging platform!


Another determining factor could be to simply 'pack' each blog update with rock solid high quality information. By cutting out all the 'fluff' and serving up mostly useful information you are allowing visitors to get the same value while not requiring them to visit your blogging platform as frequently! I would feel that not only loyalty could be built in this way but also a greater appreciation by your readers for your respect of their time as well!

Individual Capabilities/Constraints

Life presents to everybody varying responsibilities and skill sets that can affect our time or capability in terms of writing content and posting frequency. Some people have more time and/or can write faster than others. With that being said you can still earn the loyalty of readers by maintaining a 'consistent' schedule when updating the content on your blogging platform. As long as people know what to expect and you deliver as expected with good quality information it would seem consistency would be all that is needed!

Blog posting frequency is generally regarded as a 'must' in order to attract and retain visitors to your site but it is not necessarily the case. By focusing on giving people more in terms of quantity or quality when writing content for your site, you can still earn their loyalty. Also by simply being consistent when updating your blogging platform people will come to know what they can expect and will reward your consistency with their loyalty! The 3 factors as discussed above can not only influence how often a blogger may choose to post but also, if managed correctly, can yielded very successful results as well!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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