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  • Published May 23, 2011
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Blog building is something that takes time and therefore you must have patience because results will not come overnight! The centerpiece of your platform will be neither the graphics or design but instead quite simply the blog content itself. This will be the foundation upon which your blogging platform will be built and to which it will owe its success if there is any to be had. Simply updating your site with fresh content however will not be enough if you want to attract a lot of visitors. There are 'extra' measures that need to be taken for you to get noticed. As mentioned earlier if you have patience combined with a healthy enthusiasm for what you are doing your blogging platform will likely become a popular haven for readers!

Here are 3 simple strategies you can use to make your blog content more visible to others in order to attract and build a steady following.

Great Content

If what you post is of little value or intrigue to visitors people will tend to ignore further updates . Like I mentioned previously your blog content will the foundation upon which your site is built so it must offer something to readers! When people like what you have posted they will return and if you continue to keep them satisfied they will also refer others as well! Remember however reader loyalty comes only after time and you need to have patience and a willingness to continue investing your efforts!

Great SEO Habits

Learning how to optimize your blogging platform for the search engines is not difficult to do and is something you do not want to overlook! Everything begins with the proper use of keywords within your blog content itself. This does not require much if any skill but it is a 'habit' you want to develop to attract as much search engine traffic as possible.

Without diminishing the value of seo quite simply you need to select and sparingly use those words or phrases most relevant to what your content is all about. Placing your primary keyword in the title or headline while 'sprinkling' secondary keywords through the opening and closing paragraphs will get the job done.

Go Viral

Here is where you want to 'spread the word' or 'broadcast' any new blog content you have in the most efficient way possible. Tapping into the powerful viral capabilities of social networking, bookmarking and even press releases or article submission will help you tremendously increase your exposure! Leaving links at social sites or placing them in your resource boxes will help to get more 'eyes' looking in your direction. Heck, you worked hard creating the content on your blogging platform, now is the time to show it off!

Blog building can seem almost thankless in the very early stages since it takes time to draw a crowd and develop a loyal following. It is important to have patience since developing loyalty is not something that happens overnight! The 3 simple strategies discussed here today address the need to produce good quality blog content to establish a solid foundation while also promoting your site to generate traffic. By following these strategies you will be placing yourself on the right path to making your blogging platform a favorite with readers.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.

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