Should you use bamboo sheets for your newborn kid?

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  • Author Le Thuy
  • Published May 24, 2011
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Sometimes I retold the story in my family for my husband. It was time when I was going to have baby and I wanted to buy Bamboo sheets for him; but no one agreed with my choice. A bamboo sheet is not familiar with my family although we always used other bamboo products as drap or chopsticks. Especially my husband, he thought that it was too hard. It is not soft enough for an adult but for a child also. I thought I have to convince him by anyways. I spent along time to search the information, find the mothers who used this kind of bamboo bedding. He finally let me have a bamboo sheet although he still worried about its quality.

When my son came into this world, he grew up day by day. He stared to roll over then crawl. It was very surprised for me when my husband came back with more five sheets and some towels for our son. All are bamboo material. His action showed that I was right when chose bamboo beddings for our kid. He found the benefits of bamboo sheet with new born baby. Certainly I was happy with this, my baby, my husband and my preparation for him.

Yesterday when a friend of mine came and asked me what she should buy for her coming baby, my husband had a "speech" about the benefits of bamboo sheets.

My newborn laid his soft, sensitive body on the softest, amazingly luxurious, bamboo baby bedding. No more tickly crib sheets, no more rashes on my son’s skin from chemicals and dyes in cotton or synthetic fiber crib sheets and baby blankets. Bamboo baby bedding is also naturally odor proof, anti-static which is important during the dryness of winter, and thermal regulating, keeping my son warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Bamboo sheet is manufactured using only certified organic bamboo fiber. Softer than the softest cotton, bamboo fabric absorbs water 3 to 4 times better than cotton, which is wonderful when baby’s diaper leaks onto the crib sheets. But the most important was highlighted on is that they are anti-bacterial. Because bamboo its self has a natural antifungal agent, which is why pesticides are not used to grow bamboo. This natural antibacterial agent acts as a pesticide.

And now my friend and I are buying some bamboo sheets for our children. I want to buy sheets for crib, pram and car seat. Why don’t you buy one for your child?

I have a 5-month-son. After having him going to bed, I like reading articles about children, especially other mother's experiences and writing then posting them. This is an interesting experience about bamboo sheets for children. For more information, search from this Bamboo sheets

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