5 Keys to Successfully Planning a Party for a Baby or Toddler

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  • Published May 26, 2011
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My granddaughter had her first birthday last month and due to the large family that welcomed this first grandchild, first niece, and first great-grandchild; well you get the picture she is the first, into the world the celebration was large. By the time the day was over there were over 50 people in attendance to sing Happy Birthday and watch the gift opening. The "party girl" handled it all beautifully but by the end of the day she was exhausted and ready for quiet time. As birthday number two feels like it is just around the bend I thought researching best baby party planning ideas might be helpful. Here are five keys to ensuring a successful birthday bash for a toddler.

1.) How many people should be invited? This is difficult when you have a large family that lives in close proximity but there is a time when grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc. need to not be included in the actual party. A general rule for the number of party participants is the child's age plus 1. Although this sounds like a small party, remember that mom, dad and any siblings will also be present.

2.) The party theme will help set the tone for everything from the cake style, games played to the party favors and goody bags. Choose a theme that is fun for your child, not the one that is the most popular of the season. We all know what toys, movies or games that are children enjoy and what makes them smile, create a party theme based on their favorite interest or toy.

3.) Party games should be fun for everyone. Remember that competitive games are only fun for those that win. Everyone should have fun at the party and leave with happy thoughts of the day. Tears and hard feelings can be avoided if games where the entire group participates as a whole are planned, and everyone gets to receive a prize. Remember this is a party.

4.) The all important cake can become part of the party process. A full size, two tier cake is the traditional selection for most birthday parties however for children the small cupcake can be a wonderful option. Cupcakes can easily be made in multiple flavors with all types of frosting flavors so everyone can find a cupcake they like. You can even create a game out of cupcake decorating that is fun for all and everyone gets to be a winner. Have the party participants decorate their own cupcakes with prizes for every category imaginable.

5.) Party favors and goodie bags are part of the party process that can easily get out of hand and over budget. Keep them simple, it is better to be more creative in the selection. Give party favors that reflect the party theme. Wrapping some of the items that go in the favor bag adds additional fun for the party goers. Remember to have the birthday child hand the goody bags out as this provides the opportunity for them to thank each guest personally.

Remember it is not the size of the party or the number of gifts that are important. A celebration for the birthday child should be focused on creating tangible childhood memories of a wonderful day spent with family and friends where everyone had a good time.

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