Flag Crafts to Celebrate Patriotic Holidays and Events

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Flag crafts can be used for many different occasions, such as Flag Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Presidents’birthdays and Labor Day.

Flags can be as easy to make as painting or coloring red and white stripes on a sheet of paper, using a blue square in the upper left corner, and adding one or more stars. Or you can make more complicated flags with strips of wood, or by painting on fabric or metal.

Just by using red and white stripes, a bit of blue, and a few stars, you can make almost anything represent the flag.

Creating flag crafts is a great way to recycle a piece of wood, tin cans, jars or boxes. By adding a few red, white and blue flowers, or sparklers, or a shiny garland, a very attractive centerpiece can be created.

Here is a simple, sturdy flag that kids can make.

Use a large sheet of white craft foam. Cut a blue square for the top left corner and several red stripes from sheets of craft foam. You will need shorter red stripes next to the blue field and longer ones below it. Usually 13 stripes makes a flag of this size look too busy, and often 7 or 9 work just fine.

You can cut your own stars, or find a package of foam stars in the dollar store or a craft store. One large white star may be used in the center of the blue, or add several smaller ones. A craft glue made to be used with craft foam would work best for this project.

Another flag project that is easy for kids to make, is to let them paint a tin can with red and white stripes and one wider blue stripe - making the stripes go either from top to bottom or around. White stars can be painted or glued in the blue area.

For a filler for the can, kids can cut red, white, and blue stars from construction paper or craft foam. Glue a straw, small dowel, or half of a wooden skewer (kabob stick) between two stars and stand them in the can - to which you have added dry rice to hold them in place.

Kids love making crafts, and giving them the opportunity to create homemade flags helps them feel more a part of the celebration.

Decorating with flags can make a holiday seem much more festive, and it’s a nice way to celebrate our country.

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