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  • Published June 6, 2011
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Can I make money on youtube……..

The simple reply is YES you can, most definitely and it was one of the first things I experimented with when I started my internet journey. Everyone knows that youtube is a large resource for driving targeted prospects to our websites and creating exposure for our online campaigns. But I still see marketing videos on youtube where the owner has’nt correctly usd tags, the annotations on the video and simply putting there url underneath the video in the desription box.

Can I make money on youtube – Below are a few tips: -)

  1. It is possible to upload precisely the same video several times, all you have to do is change the format of the video and rename it before you upload it to youtube. This tricks youtube into thinking its a totally different video.

  2. Tags are incredibly important, so search related videos on youtube and find the ones with the highest views and copy their tags – simply click the "show more" button beneath the video and it will uncover all the tags they used, simply copy n paste.

  3. Wait until your video has about 50 view and then go into your account. Towards the top you should see a button called "insight", click it then down the bottom of the page on the left you should see "hotspots" click that. This will show you a graph and what that tells you is the attention span (average) of the people that viewed your video. What you will most likely see is a line climbing up, geting to a certain point and then start to fall. Right at the peak of that line, just before it starts to dive down, that is where you should place an annotation.

  4. Annotations are really simple to add to a video. In your account simply click "edit annotations" at the top. Play the video and you will notice a bar that moves with the video at the bottom. remember the graph from before telling you when in the timeline of the video the attention of the viewers had reached its peak….. Good, well when the bar gets to that point in the video, pause it. On the right hand side you will see "add annotation" click it and then click "note" a text box will appear on the video and you can add text to that box by writing in "Note" to the right of the video. What works best is a clear call to action, similar to this example: -

(If you want to learn more then CLICK THE LINK BELOW)


You are able to move the text box around on the video and I find that just above your link on the bottom left works fine.

  1. Don’t forget to put your hyperlink inside the description box while you upload your video. You will need to put http: //www. for it to become a (clickable) website link underneath your video.

  2. start receiving more views on your video by going to various comparable videos with large view counts and posting a video comment. Click on the box underneath all comments and you should see "create a video response"click that and a box will appear with the name of your video in it, click the name of your video to highlight and then select "use the selected video" JOB DONE……..

I use Camtasia to make my videos but before I could afford that I used to work with a brilliant free tool called JING.

So, can I make money on youtube?? YES and here is my favourite method

I put links to cpa (cost per action) offers in my description box. This means the person does’nt have to buy anything for me to make some commissions, all they have to do is click the link and visit the page and if they enter there email address on that page I will make $1. 50 – $3. 00. The offer is normally a free trial or a competition to win an ipad etc. Cool isnt it!.

The thing is that its normally quite difficult to joint these CPA networks so you can promote these kinds of offers but the one that I use is maxbounty. When I started this was really easy to join and its totally free….

I really hope some of this has been useful and I plan on making a video explaing all of the above in significantly greater detail soon so stay posted and hope to see you soon.

ONCE MORE…Can I make money on youtube…. Ya damn right!!!

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