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  • Published June 10, 2011
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What exactly is Click Income Tycoon? Click Income Tycoon is a new online system that lucratively gets to the public any item they wish. It is a grouping of educational materials and a sales funnel. In its simplest form, Click Income Tycoon is a franchise based system.

There are many ways to cash in using the Click Income Tycoon System.

  1. Authorized affiliates can promote the Click Income Tycoon to prospective buyers and get paid via Clickbank. Clickbank is the world’s largest marketplace for digital products and services online. This is known as linear income. Linear income is never ending. When lots of people buy A Click Income Tycoon franchise, the linear income accumulates in proportion to the quantity of sales.

  2. Another fundamental part of Click Income Tycoon as far as cashing in is the web portal ZibZoom. ZibZoom is a brand new search portal that Click Income Tycoon members give away ( that’s right it is free) on a customary basis to buyers using the search portal in a multi-level fashion. This can go down to 5 levels for upgraded members. Search portals earn money when other businesses place ads and when users click on the ads These revenues accrue as the free users and Click Income Tycoon affiliates visit the keywords and or ads.

Unlike other search portals ( you know who I am talking about), ZibZoom distributes this click income and ad click income with Click Income Tycoon Affiliates. When ZibZoom clients search, send e-mail, shop, click on ads, or play games online – and these are just a few of the paid activities–Click Income Tycoon franchisees collect their share of commission payments down to 5 levels deep. This is labeled multi-level click income. This really where you get very Click Income Tycoon.

  1. Cycling occurs when the multi-level matrix fills up. There are performance bonuses that come into play here. Now Click Income Tycoon members have yet another opportunity to be running to the bank to make more deposits. You have to be classified as premier or pacesetter associates To take advantage of these bonuses and the monthly sales quota must be achieved.

  2. ZibZoom associates are allowed to bid on search keywords and search phrases and to own them if their bid is successful. When these search terms and keywords are searched for, the affiliate that reserved it gets paid. I suggest that you click Click Income Tycoon to become an associate as soonas you can. Just think giving away all those websites and making money from all those clicks. I recently read an article where there were dozens of people who make in excess of $100,000 a month from adwords clicks. ZibZoom associates will do exactly the same by giving away free portals/websites to people.

One of ZibZoom’s best features is the bargain wizard. The bargain wizard makes it possible for users to locate cut rate prices on any item, online or offline. This is a great enticement for getting new users to the portal.

Additional features that are in the works that will facilitate web surfing and the searching experience for all users.

When you sign up with Click Income Tycoon you get access to video materials about the Click Income Tycoon affiliate. These videos are valuable for configuring the system for making money. Video materials also are used to clarify commission structures involving the pay and franchise options.

Clickbank handles every one of the collections and pays the entire ZibZoom associates group of franchisees.

There is a 100% 60-day reimbursement guarantee to anyone who participates in the affiliate program. Just in case an affiliate isn’t satisfied with Click Income Tycoon This means that affiliates can try Click Income Tycoon for NO risk. From personal experiences ordering products through Clickbank, I have always been refunded when I have requested it.

Click Income Tycoon gives the buyer 20 free down line sign ups to his or her organization because Click Income Tycoon has a multi-level pay plan for affiliates who join the program under affiliates at an up-line level. Click Income Tycoon has 3 different pay plans based on which membership plan one chooses. There’s a free affiliate, a premium associate and a pacesetter associate.

Each affiliate type has a different set of payment options. The costliest franchise has by far the most pay options. The prospect chooses an affiliate category based how many of the earnings options that the affected person desires to take advantage of. The more options one has for creating wealth the more money one makes.

It has been my pleasure to edify you on how you can cash in as a Click Income Tycoon associate. If you found this information to be of value in making a decision as to whether you want to make money with Click Income Tycoon please visit my site shown in in the resource box below.

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