Stop a Dog from Excessive Barking - Four Effective Ways


  • Author Lorriane Lele
  • Published June 10, 2011
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Are you tired of your dog's nuisance barking problems? Are you finding a way to get out of the dog barking issues?

As you could have known that dog's barking is normal. They use barking in order to communicate to you and the world. If they do not bark, there is no way for them to express their feelings or emotions.

Dog's barking only turns into the problem when it is an incessant barking and make you as well as your neighbors tired of.

You obviously want to prevent your dog from barking excessively, and you also want the dog knows when it is time to bark and when it is not, such as barking to alert you about something dangerous to you or your properties is acceptable.

So, this article will not show you how to completely stop a dog from barking excessively. It aims to show you how to curb excessive dog barking as fast as possible.

Here are four tips you can use to stop the incessant barking of your dog.

  1. When your dog barks to seek attention from you, you should stay away from him. Do not look at him or do anything showing that you care about his barking.

  2. Take a magazine or something hard enough, roll it up, and then hit your palm hard with it. The noise you have generated will attract his attention when he is barking. That's why he will stop barking immediately.

  3. Do not forget to reward the dog whenever he follows your "quiet" or "stop" command. You can give him a treat and say "good guy".

  4. If you do not succeed in stopping your dog from barking excessively using three ways above, you are able to think about using a dog bark collar. There are several kinds of anti bark collars available in the market today which can help you to solve nuisance barking of the dog. You can pick one depending on your situations. For example, if you are tired of being bothered by the dog next door that barks all the time, you can use an ultrasonic bark collar in order to prevent him from creating nuisance barking.

In order to get maximize the result of stopping excessive barking, you should take part in dog training courses available on the Internet or at your local. The good news is there are a lot of cheap courses for you to choose.

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