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  • Author Scottie Chimera
  • Published June 13, 2011
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Most parents love to buy toys for their child. It is fun to pick out brightly coloured things that the child will enjoy and be entertained with. But toys are more than entertainment. They are a teaching tool for the parent and child.

When young children play make believe, they are learning to act in a grown up way and try new things. Toys can help them in this process. Play food, dishes and a small kitchen let them practice cooking in a safe, simple manner.

Toys should be thought of as an investment. All though it is tempting to buy the items from the local ads, it is not always the best idea. Plastic toys that break easily will only cause frustration and confusion.

Having too many toys is not a good idea. Quality is always better. Buy a few well thought out items. Take some time to do research and know what you are getting. Wood has always been a safe and quality toy source. Many of the toys that are shared among several children over the years are wood. They are strong and will hold up under most circumstances.

Wheely bugs are becoming a popular toy for young children. They are wooden toys that are fun for the young child to ride on and yet they are safe and well constructed. They are in the shape of a small bug. They are brightly painted and come in two different sizes. Young children can ride on them for hours and enjoy the independence this toy will give them. Their first experience on a bike like structure.

A Wheely bug can also be their first science lesson. You can point out that they are riding on a lady bug. Talk about bugs and what they do even to the smallest child. Although they may not understand, over time they will and so the learning curve begins.

Look for the ordinary things in life to point out lessons to your children, they are life time learners and it starts at a very early age. Give them simple and well-constructed toys and you will be happy you did. Because children learn from playing and even the simplest toys can cause the imagination to soar.

If you are on a budget, you can find toys at garage sales and second hand stores. Remember, only look for quality items that will endure strong play and keep your child safe.

Plastic is popular and trendy toys are tempting, but not worth the work of watching them break and have to be thrown out. If friends and family give your child toys which you would rather not have for them, just say thank you and pass them on to someone else.

Building a collection of toys for your child and your family is something that will serve you well in the long run. It takes thought and effort, but your children will benefit from this in ways you cannot imagine.

Remember, toys are for fun, but they can teach children at the same time as they play. School starts the day they are born and you are the teacher.

Scottie is a part-time columnist, writing infrequent columns in the UK. The complete range of wheelybug ride on toys as well as children's toys are available with free delivery at Designer Ark. For more information please visit the Designer Ark website.

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