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  • Author Sara Barausse
  • Published June 21, 2011
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We are all born to discover the world. Studying and working are activities during which we face some difficulties but through which we also experience the pleasure to find out new things about external environment and ourselves. Sometimes, these activities bring a lot of fatigue but are also rewarding when we know why and for whom we are doing them. For our family, that means: for our children, as well.

When we are little children we are lucky enough to have others around us that do the work and have put effort in their life to succeed in understanding how to improve their work, included the one of growing us up. Our only, and lucky task is to grow.. and play. Especially in the open air.

Children have lots of fun in the playground: going on the slide and on the swing make their day, their face and their soul happy. They would spend whole afternoons playing with the other kids on the fields and taking rides on the merry-go-round. It is funny how these are the same games with which their grandparents enjoyed their free time, long before any video game was ever invented. In open air, children experience in real life what some less lucky ones live only through a video-screen, running, jumping, falling and getting back on their feet again. The difference between real life and computer games is great, as it is great to do all of this with your own body instead through a virtual representation of yourself. Let’s not forget, though, that falling in a video is not too bad even when it makes you lose the game. In the real world falling makes your butt hurt…

Playing is a very important way in which children learn what their body feels, when it hurts, when it feels pleasure, when it is tired and when it is full of energy. Children experience their body through playing. That is also why it is important that playgrounds are safe and built with safe equipment and material. Shockproof pavements are an asset as children’s butt often tends to be on the ground and not because they just sat down to have a chat.

Playground’s equipments must be constructed with safe, not ignitable materials, which should also be ecological. Playground’s equipments should be preferably produced within the European Union or at least should bear a guarantee mark that designates children safe goods. Buying equipments that bear this mark or checking that the safety of our children’s games is guaranteed is very important. As we all know, fake goods are basically everywhere and can be very dangerous, especially for children, that are the most vulnerable beings. Toxic materials and not well built equipments are real dangers. The guarantee marks mean that the equipment and the material have been tested and proved safe. Prices of safe games might be higher but your child’s safety is of course priceless. And if you are running out of money just let your children run on a green field. They will have a blast anyway.

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