Why Donald Trump Must Run For President

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  • Author R. Coblenz
  • Published June 23, 2011
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Our Government has now grown too large and too complex for any "politician" to manage.  As we have seen for a long time now, our Presidents just can’t seem to handle all the problems that our country has been facing.

That’s because America’s major problems are mostly business problems that require the expert knowledge of a superstar Business Manager who has already been there, done that - and has a long record of success. We have people like that in America, plenty of them.

The job of President has grown way past the capabilities of the politician who has to learn on the job, after being elected, when it is than too late. We have seen too many huge mistakes from our Presidents, that are dragging this country down. Even our politicians are now talking about "can America survive?" We need to elect a different kind of President, and fast.

We need a President who has spent his entire life successfully managing and solving complex business and organizational problems, a President who has the training and experience to solve these problems, and a President that has been a successful business manager and now wants to give back to the country that he/she loves.

Up to now, our Presidents needed only one skill: To learn the technique of being elected and re-elected. That skill has now proven to be totally inadequate for our modern and complex times. We need to select a new kind of leadership for our country.

Somehow, our Presidents have decided that it's not their job to waste their time on all that technical stuff, that's the job of technical experts. After all, it's not the President's job to learn how to create jobs for the people, how to reduce the skyrocketing medical expenses, how to increase our exports, how to control the banks so they don’t blackmail us into giving them billions of dollars, or how to reduce our obscene debt, and so many of those other technical things like that.

That's the job for the technical experts, who will tell us what to do. It's not my job. I was not trained for that kind of stuff. Instead, I have to spend all my time on figuring out how to be elected and re-elected. After all, I need to continue to be the President. That's my most important thing to concentrate on.

It is now very clear, we need a President who has the training and experience to successfully managing a large, diverse business organization, and who has demonstrated the ability and knowledge to solve complex business problems.

We need to modernize our government, with modern tools of management techniques and dedicated professional managers, including electing the right kind of President who already has the skills needed to solve major problems facing America.

America has now grown beyond merely a "politician" as our President. We need to enter the 21st century and get a professional Business Manager to be our President.

We need a person like Donald Trump who has the experience to apply strong business solutions to solve our nation’s problems.

Even if Trump looses, America will still win. Donald Trump will have created a new set of criteria for selecting our President – finding the right Business Manager to be our President.

Forget the Politicians, they have always screwed thing up. We never seem to know what the President will do, or what his agenda will be, until after they get into the Whitehouse, and than get us into deep dodo.

The Politician’s primary goal is to be elected and re-elected. Or in many cases, to implement their hidden agenda. Whereas, the Business Manager’s primary goals are simple: solve problems, build the business, and satisfy the customers.

In recent years, our Presidents have pushed their own political agenda, while blaming the other political party for any mistakes and ignoring the heavy problems facing America.

The President’s agenda seems to be all about having wars, reducing our social security, lowering taxes for the rich, sending our young to war so fast that their equipment is unsafe, not helping the victims of Katrina, blaming the other politicians for not getting things done for America, telling us how great they will be when they become President – while meanwhile they send our jobs to China, run up our debt to obscene heights, borrow the money from China, let OPEC and oil speculators run up the price of oil, allow the banks to blackmail our government, than give the banks Billions of dollars, while the President is secretly allowing the American Dollar to be replaced in the future by an International Dollar (this secret plan is being spearheaded by China), the result of which will drastically lower the value of the US Dollar and cause a historic downturn in the American Way of Life, forever.

We need Donald Trump as our next President to get these problems solved. Otherwise our President will delay, spin, blame the other guy, push the solutions onto our children, or just plain do nothing until it is too late.

Save America. We need an experienced and proven Business Manager as our President, not a politician.

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