Bark Control Collar - Which Kind You Should Purchase


  • Author Lettie Winters
  • Published June 23, 2011
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Here is the reason I find a bark control collar. I have got a dog that barks anytime and anywhere. I have had three dogs over the years but never had one, which barks for no specific reason. When I put him out in our backyard, he starts barking. The noise gets to me, and I call him back into the home. Because his barking is annoying me, it is obvious that it is also irritating the neighbors.

After researching online stores as well as local pet stores, I found out that there are some very good ways to deal with barking problem. They include: shock collar, ultrasonic technology and spray bark collar.

The shock collar will come with automatic and remote forms. This collar is usually used for training hunting dogs. You will get better result if you combine a shock collar along with commands. I personally do not think that a shock collar is a humane device for any dog.

Ultrasonic technology works based on releasing nuisance noise in a certain radius. The good thing about this technology is that only dog can hear its sounds. When the dog barks, you push a button. The device releases high pitched sounds, which make the dog feel uncomfortable. You may have seen this kind of bark control on TV. They call it "BarkOff" device. This may be used like a good training device.

The spray collar is exactly the device that I want to buy for my lovely pet. The trigger will be activated when the dog barks above a certain decibel. Then the collar sprays citronella oil towards the dog's snout. Most of the dog will not like this kind of oil. They feel uncomfortable when smelling this oil. They will quickly learn that once they stop barking, the collar will stop releasing uncomfortable oil. That why they stop barking.

Citronella anti bark collar works like a charm for me, and I believe that it is the best anti barking collar solution out there. I only use the collar when my dog barks for no specific reason. The barking stops immediately and sometimes all I must do is let him see the collar. One tip you should bear in mind when using this collar is that once you take the collar away from the dog, you should tell him that he is a good dog. Do not ever think that a dog cannot feel a good behavior from you.

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