These Myths Can Stop Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts From Ever Producing Results

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  • Author Janise Majette
  • Published June 23, 2011
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Affiliate marketing has become a big industry, which is why it is ridden with so many myths. Following are some of the more prevalent myths.

One of the biggest affiliate marketing myths is that it's a get rich quick scheme or a way to make thousands of dollars overnight. Affiliate marketing is a form of marketing so you will definitely have to learn certain marketing fundamentals to reach the heights of the business. If you expect to jump in and make a million dollars overnight then I suggest that you change professions; a poker player, maybe. After you put in the time and effort it takes to learn what is effective and how to apply it; you too will be able to make money overnight like some of the more experienced affiliates. Affiliate marketing does take work but it also grants you the freedom to travel where you want and set your own schedule.

But at the same time, it's 5 times more work than your regular job. When you're doing a 9-5 job in a multinational corporation, you're only answerable for the set of tasks that are given to you. The truth is that you can become weighed down by the responsibilities that you will face as a new affiliate, the secret is to master the core skills that matter most before moving into other areas. You either have a plan in business, unless you plan to fail. Many people don't know the difference between affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing; you better learn the difference because multi-level marketing can leave you struggling to make it work for life. If you find anyone selling you a product that teaches you how to become a super affiliate 'easily,' stay away from it. We always hear about people's affiliate marketing success stories and also about people who have been at this for years without nothing to show, which group will you fall into? The content myth states that the more content a site has the more likely it is to make a conversion. This is not true, or else all those affiliate marketers who make thousands of dollars from simple reviews would go broke. Your readers could care less about your thousand articles, instead they want something that resonates with them. Common practice among many is to throw a site up and then throw 101 articles on the site and place a banner and some links to the product page. A simple technique that works a lot better is to give a personal and honest review about the product you are promoting. The content should support the product. The review is the most important part so spend most of your time on it before creating other content.

Is affiliate marketing really difficult to get into and achieve success? It is not hard. Don't let these myths question yourself or have you succumb to fear of failure. The problem is that there is so much misinformation floating around that it sometimes become difficult to tell fact from fiction. Don't jump from technique to technique; instead, pick a handful of basic topics and get good with them, a very powerful combination is the content network, landing page optimization, and email marketing. Making affiliate sells should now be easy once you find a winning product.

All in all, the above myths that we discussed about affiliate marketing don't hold any water, so don't get deviated from your main goal.

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