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  • Published June 25, 2011
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Obviously, you'll be able to train your small dog not to bark too much, but you need to be around him all the time in order to do the training. If you have a lot of works to do, and you cannot be around the dog 24 hours per day and seven days per week then you should think about using a small dog bark collar as it is very useful in this case.

The good thing about the bark collar for small dog on the market today is that it is adjustable. So, no matter how small your dog neck's size, you can pick one that suits best to him.

If you read reviews online, you will find mixed opinion about anti bark collars. A few people claim that they would not use a shock collar on their lovely pet. Others say that, in fact, the shock collar will not hurt the dog in any way as the electronic the dog gets is too minimal, and he only gets the shock when he barks too much or at the wrong time.

I do not believe in leaving a training collar on the dog neck all the time is a good way to teach him. If you do that, your pet will quickly get used to the collar, and it is the reason the collar stops being effective at him.

In case you leave the home and he barks constantly, this will surely cause the neighbors to be upset and annoyance. So, you should consider using a bark collar for your small dog in this situation.

Besides shock collars, there is another useful device that can help you. It is the citronella bark collar. This type of collars will release a spray of lemon oil each time your dog start barking above a permitted level. Most of the dog will not like this kind of smell. They soon learn that they will get the smell once they bark too much, So, they will learn to stop barking constantly.

One another popular collar which can be used for small dog is the sonic collar. The dog gets nuisance sound when he barks continuously. The sound will automatically increase its volume if the dog keeps barking in a long period of time. The dog cannot stand the sound, so he will stop barking. The good news is you cannot hear this kind of sound. Only dog can hear this.

We hope this article has given you some insights on which bark collars you should have for your small dog. Keep looking at online pet stores to find one that will works for your lovely animal.

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