Methods to Boost PPC Conversions Through Correct Relevancy

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  • Author Janise Majette
  • Published June 27, 2011
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Pay per click advertising is not very difficult to do, but still there are thousands of people who have been unsuccessful using it. We are really serious when we say that pay per click is doable, but you have to learn correctly and exercise sound judgment. Google is always trying to enhance their services and customer experience, and that is why they have become more strict in the last two or so years. Even though Google has angered a lot of past PPC marketers, the trend is to simply make a better environment for Google customers. What everything comes down to is you must use the right practices if you want to generate profits with Adwords. With all that said, you will find there's a particular concern with this advertising method that is extremely important to understand.

Adwords advertisers must work for the highest quality score achievable with their campaigns. A score of 10 represents perfection, and that is the very best any person can do. This is tremendously important as it will essentially determine the success of your promotion. Therefore, what you need to have in every part of your promotion is relevance. The basic idea is for your whole PPC advertising to incorporate relevance, and that actually is all about the end user. Relevance is for everybody which includes Google, the prospects who are your potential customers plus your profits. You can work to develop the most relevant experience in several different ways.

The typical path after your ad is clicked-on is to visit possibly your primary website or perhaps the new kind of squeeze page required by Google. Quickly, you can no longer use the common type of squeeze page at Adwords given it is considered too thin or inadequate content. But you could build a thicker landing page containing some content on it and accomplishes the same effect. Your landing page will need to have clear relevance to the advertisement the prospect clicked on. That would seem like common sense, but we certainly have seen and read about promoters who violate this basic principle.

So what we are looking at is constructing the first landing page site so it is simply in agreement with, or relevant, to your final main site. If someone opts in to your email list, and you send that person to your money site, then it's a very important cross over point for both of you. Be sure to employ very similar layout types and colors on your main site as well as the landing page. The copy on all your web pages, landing and primary site, have to always be on the same topic which you would think is obvious. If you have everything lined-up, then you certainly will be in a great situation. The reason behind that is the person will come to feel more at ease at your main site. You may possibly change a promotion from a weak one to something genuinely successful using this concept.

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