Small Dog Anti Bark Collars - Should You Use One To Control The Dog?


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  • Published July 7, 2011
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Many of us believe that a bark control collar is the best solution that we should offer to our dogs when it comes preventing our small lovely dogs from excessive barking. The fact is that an anti bark collar is a nuisance, and the dogs do not like it. Some individuals even think that you teach the dog to bark so that he will receive pain out of it. Try to wear a bark control collar to see the resistance it will generate from you as well as how awful you feel. So, it is necessary that we should talk about this problem in depth details.

One of the many factors why anti bark collars are dangerous to a dog is because dog's owners do not know how to use it properly. For example, they may wear the collar on the neck of the dog all day long, even if it is time for the dog to go to bed. In fact, you must only use the collar within 8 hours or so in a day. If you use it more than 8 hours, the dog will feel bad and in many cases, he will react to the trigger from the collar in a bad way. Until then, the collar will not work for you anymore.

Wearing an anti bark collar on the dog for the whole day is a very fast way to make him to get infections easily. He will not only get pain, but he also gets the infections. So, use the collar carefully and properly so that you do not accidentally hurt the dog.

It is believed that barking is a way for dog to "talk" to us. His barking is also a way for him to protect our properties. Imagine what if there are strangers who get into your house through the windows and your lovely dog cannot bark to notice you to scare the strangers. So, basically, a dog barks for a lot of reasons. If you can find out the reasons that cause him to bark, you should not use a bark control collar.

Last but not least, before you use a collar, you should think of how hard it is for you if you put a collar on your neck in order to prevent you from breathing. It is the same situation when you put a collar on the dog's neck because if you do that, you are preventing your pet from doing a very natural thing, barking.

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