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  • Published July 9, 2011
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Are you sick of irritating barking from your dog? Have you ever heard of bark control collars? If you did not, this article will show you some interesting information about them.

Many people believe that anti bark control collars are a cruel method to control a dog. This is because those anti bark aids use brutal of behaviorist techniques in order to prevent the dog from excessive barking. The ways they work are different. Some will release the shock. Some introduce citronella oil towards the dog's snout. Others use high pitched sounds (called ultrasonic sound). In general, these aids cause the dog cannot notice you if there are some strangers in front of your door, like a mail man or robbers.

There are some individuals think that you have to accept things that are well-known when having a dog, such as barking, liking himself or other persons, chewing your items, etc.,.. If you do not feel good when a dog barks, you should not buy a dog. In this case, it is advisable that you spend money on getting a cat other than purchasing a bark control collar or any training courses available. Generally speaking, it does not make sense when you buy a dog and then use a control collar to train him.

If you own a dog already, and you have no other ways other than getting an anti bark collar for the dog, you should spend time on researching other kinds of bark collars so that you are able to find one that fits and works well for him. There are a lot of online stores, which provide comments from their customers, both happy ones and unsatisfied people. Nowadays, you can find collars using painful shock to teach your pooch how to bark at the appropriate time. You will also find spray collars, which use natural oil in order to correct your dog behavior. However, there is one problem. It is most of the dogs depend on their sense of smell. So, if you use these bark control collars for the dog, it is just like blinding an individual with a bright light.

There are some important things you have to remember when choosing a collar. It is selecting one that can be adjustable so that it can fit well to your dog's neck. Besides, you have to put the collar in front of the neck of the dog so that it will do its job. If you put it on any side, right or left, of the dog's neck, the chance is the collar will not be triggered properly. This results in the collar cannot correct the dog when he is creating nuisance barking.

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