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  • Published July 20, 2011
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If you're currently promoting your affiliate business through paid advertising alone, then you're presently missing out on the opportunity to benefit from free traffic generation techniques which can pull massive amount of visitors to your site and make more money for you with your affiliate program. Free advertising techniques can guarantee your site quality traffic that you can benefit from for a very long time, and it is interesting to note that these techniques are what many super affiliate marketers apply to achieve great results; therefore it is high time you started exploiting free traffic procedures to give your business a boost. Some of the free resources to take advantage of include the following:

  1. Taking Part In Busy Forums:

You can generate more traffic to your affiliate site by joining and participating in active forums. Forums or discussion boards are platforms where people with common interest meet to share ideas relating to their field, business or industry. It is free to join and start participating in most forums. Before joining a forum, make sure you do research to ensure that the topic of discussion of the forum is relevant or related to your affiliate program, and also make certain that the forum comprise active members who make useful contributions on the idea or interest being shared or discussed.

You participate and get traffic with forums by making useful posts or contributions and leaving link to your website in the signature box at the end of the post; always use anchor text as link to your site. Again, you can have more ideas about your product or niche on which to base your comments, through reading valuable posts or comments from other members of the forum.

  1. Advertize On Social Network Sites:

A great way to flood your website or blog with free traffic and make more money in your affiliate program is by taking advantage of social networking sites or social media. Traffic generation to a site using social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a fast growing trend in the virtual (online) world. This phenomenon is so pronounced that, within a relatively short time of existence, the traffic pulling prowess of a site like Facebook for instance, is now a serious threat to that of sites like Yahoo! and Google. Social media sites are social content sites, and to effectively exploit these sites, you need to add or invite lots of friends or followers and supply them with contents that will be of interest to them, and at the same time give them the impression that you're a professional in the area or topic you're discussing.

Through provision of useful contents with links to your site, you end up driving tons of visitors to your website or blog, since this social media followers will repose confidence in you for providing them with information that is of benefit to them. Also, to make the traffic viral, you can enable bookmarking links of high traffic pulling social content sites on your blog or website, by using services of a site like AddThis.com; this will enable visitors to bookmark your site on these social networking sites.

  1. Use A Blog:

The internet or virtual world is synonymous with supply of information. What mainly attracts visitors to a website is free information with which they can avail themselves. Any business you try to do on internet without approaching it from this perspective is most likely headed for the rocks; this is because you're dealing with people in a virtual world or setting, where there is no personal or physical contact, and the only way to make them feel you really exist is to first provide them with valuable or useful content so as to gain their trust, and this is achievable through blogging.

Blogging entails setting up a blog site and continually post useful content to that blog; this will make it to become a place loaded with valuable resource, and consequently make visitors tend to always refer to it for further information that is of interest to them, hence this translates to free passive traffic and potential to make more money for your affiliate program. Again, you can make your blogging more effective by always pinging your blog posts using services like Pingomatic.com, and bookmarking it with social network sites using service like Onlywire.com.

  1. Article Submission:

One of the most effective ways to flood your affiliate program site with traffic is by writing and submitting articles to article directories; these are archives of useful information on divers areas of interest, which attract traffic by way of publishers or webmasters visiting these directories to pick articles they can use as content for their sites, or by way of other visitors searching the directories for articles containing information that is of use or benefit to them. When submitting your written articles, there is need to read through the guidelines of the directories you intend using for your submission.

Generally, you should ensure that your article is of high standard by composing articles that are free from spelling and grammatical error, and that are up to the prescribed length of words required by the directories; for instance EzineArticles.com now requires that the minimum number of words that articles for submission should contain is 400 words. Again, as you submit your article, endeavor to use anchor text in the author's resource box at the bottom of the article. This makes your site stand a good chance of being spotted and listed by search engine spiders which crawl the web for search results, in response to searches made using related keywords. Article submission to directories guarantees you free passive traffic which ensures you make money consistently with your affiliate program.

  1. Video Demonstration:

Another potent tool through which you can drive swarms of traffic to your affiliate program site is through video production. This is because, of all available advertising options, none is as persuasive as the use of videos which appeals to the eye. Online advertisement by means of videos is fast spreading among internet marketers due to its effectiveness, this is informed by the fact that people are more inclined to believe what they see than what they read or hear. A great way to popularize your video is by using the services of YouTube.com to upload video demonstration of your product for the world to view. No doubt, introducing videos as a means of advertising your affiliate program will bring you more traffic and earn you more money.

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