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  • Published July 20, 2011
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Organic search engine optimization includes a number of procedures that when carried out will make the search engines to place a website high on its ranking, and this guarantees long-term passive traffic to a site that is so optimized. The following are some techniques to apply in effecting such optimization to a website:

  1. Press Release Writing And Submission:

Optimizing your website for search results with press release writing involves coming up with a news angle to your site and writing a report for submission to the media and online news sites. To enable a press release to be easily indexed for searches related your report's topic, try using relevant keywords of your niche or product both in the headline and body of the report; you should ensure that each paragraph of the body of your press release contains a keyword of your site's topic.

Search Engine Optimization using press releases can produce a viral effect; for instance, if just one person picks up your story, you can get lots of traffic to your website since that information can spread easily to others. Writing and submitting press releases can drive free quality traffic to your affiliate site, thereby earning you more sales and income.

  1. Adding RSS News Feeds To Your Site:

Search engines are looking for websites with new contents so as to rank them higher, therefore in order to improve or sustain your affiliate program site ranking, you need to constantly update your blog or website by supplying fresh content or information that is of interest to your site's visitors; and to continually provide fresh content for your site, you either need to spend time writing it yourself or pay for the services of professional article writers. A great way to boost your site's ranking is by continually providing fresh and useful content to your site's visitors by adding RSS news feeds widget to your website or blog.

RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication: this is the process of importing fresh items or information to your site by utilizing a widget that can supply relevant content to your site in form of scrolling news headline links, which any visitor interested in any of the headlines can click on for more information. You can take advantage of RSS news feeds and boost your affiliate program's traffic and income by utilizing a free service at

  1. Social Bookmarking Submissions:

Another way to generate free or organic search engine traffic to your affiliate program site is through social bookmarking submissions. This involves tagging ones website with relevant keywords and submitting the link for bookmark on various social media sites, thereby giving your site's content vast exposure to the teeming audience that these social media sites attract. By linking your site to social network sites, your site's content gains more popularity, increased traffic and high search engine ranking.

Search engines value contents or pages linking from social network sites, they therefore easily rank such websites high on their search results. Linking and bookmarking your affiliate site on social network sites is therefore highly recommended in other to get free/organic traffic and make more money with your affiliate program. Some of the social bookmarking sites are:,,, etc.

  1. Article Writing And Submission:

Also, organic search engine traffic can be built by writing and submitting articles to article directories. Article submission to directories helps your affiliate program website rank high in the search engines because it is a way to build large number of back-links pointing back to your website; search engines value sites with links pointing at them from several websites, and you achieve this when webmasters or publishers visit article directories and pick up your article to use as content for their site; you get back-link to your blog or website because your article carries your sites link as the author, and publishers are mandated to use the article with your website's link included in the article.

You can also get back-links to your site when people visit article directories in search of topic relating to your niche, and follow the link to your website through your article. Again, you can also optimize your site for search engine results by using anchor text as link to your website at the bottom of your submitted article i.e. in the authors resource box; this strategy can help you make more money with your affiliate program by driving more traffic to your site and getting it to rank higher in the search engines.

  1. Blog Content Creation:

Generating organic search engine traffic can also be achieved through setting up a content blog. This entails setting up a blog (mini site) to promote your affiliate program, which contains valuable or useful information rather than a sales pitch or advert. This type of promotional website can help your main affiliate program site to gain high search engine ranking, by constantly updating it with fresh and useful content or article, and including link to your affiliate website in the article.

Search engines are looking for sites with fresh contents and this will make them rank your content site high on their search result, and this will consequently translate to free or organic search engine traffic for your affiliate product site which now enjoys back-links from the contents and articles on the content site through search engine traffic, and from visitors who constantly return to the content site in search of useful article, and end up following the link to affiliate product website included in the article or content.

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