Citronella Bark Collar - Five Good Reasons to Own One


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  • Published July 22, 2011
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Having a dog in home may bring you the joy as well as the curse at the same time. The joy is from the undeniable fact that the dog usually offers very high quality companionship, and he is also loyal than other kinds of pets and some people. There are also other several good reasons that let human love dogs. However, this article is focused on talking about negative part of owning a dog that is controlling the dog. This article aims to show you a device, citronella bark collar, which is created to help you in controlling excessive barking of your lovely pet. You are going to learn five reasons why people like to use a citronella bark collar to teach the dog how to bark at the appropriate time.

So, here are five top reasons why you should consider to buy a citronella anti-bark collar today.

Reason #1: It is effective

It is no doubt that a citronella no-bark collar is the best kind of anti-bark devices available out there. Its effectiveness has proven for years. Lots of individuals that use this type of collars have claimed that it helps them quickly reduce irritating barking of their dogs. Your dog will be trained that he should not bark too loudly in a long period of time, unless he wants to get a blast of natural oil, which is called citronella oil. This realization of the dog will help you to have a well-trained dog when it comes to nuisance barking.

Reason #2: It is very safe

It is believed that citronella no-bark collar is the safest device when it comes to stopping a dog from creating constant barks compared to other devices available out there. The oil used in the collar is a natural oil. So, it will never hurt the dog in any way, unlike a shock collar which uses electric shock to correct your dog if he barks constantly. However, the oil has the very unpleasant smell which lets the dog cannot stand. This is why he will stop his barking soon once you use the collar. In general, you will never ever have to worry that the collar will physically and mentally hurt your lovely dog.

Reason #3: It is humane.

As mentioned earlier, some people use a static shock collar in order to train their dogs to stop nuisance barking. If you intend to use one, he will be harmed and he may have mental issues when using the collar. However, this situation will never happen when you use a citronella bark collar as it uses natural oil. Your dog may be rest assured that the dog is very safe.

Reason #4: It is quite cheap

This kind of collar is the cheapest device compared to other dog barking control aids. You just have to spend $40 or so in order to have a good solution to stop the excessive barking of the dog. You do not have to spend your hard-earned dollars on overpriced training courses.

Reason #5: You will get back peace quickly

This is obvious the core reason why you should buy a citronella anti bark collar today. The value you will get is priceless as you do not need to hear the horrible kind of barking of your dog anymore. The citronella can help you with this.

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