2 Great Ways to Teach Your Children About Nutrition and Fitness. Make It Fun For Them.

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  • Published August 5, 2011
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Play kitchen sets and playhouses for kids are a great fun way to teach your children about nutrition and fitness. As I'm sure all of you are aware of by now, nutrition and fitness is so important in a child's life. It needs to be taught at a very young age. But how can you make it fun for them?

One way to make it fun for them would be to incorporate it into their play time. For example a little play kitchen set just for them would be the perfect way to teach them about good eating habits. This is a fun way they can learn about proper nutrition and cook their very own home cooked well balanced meal. Teach them what foods to cook and what foods not to cook.

Teaching your children about proper nutrition is almost critical in today's world. It is a growing public concern due to the high percentage of obese and overweight children and teenagers. They have not received or been taught the importance of eating right and staying active. It is important to start from the very beginning of their developmental stages.

In addition to teaching your children proper nutrition it is also important to realize that fitness is just as important.

A great way to do this would be with a little wooden playhouse of their own to explore. Not only great with keeping them active and moving around but also allowing them to be creative which is great for their minds.

In the U.S 23 million children are obese or overweight. We need to teach our children from a very young developmental age about getting the right sources of nutrients to the body such as, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and calcium for strong bones.

It is important to realize the we need to make our children aware of how much an impact this will have on them and teach them of what can happen if they don't. Children are not getting enough exercise or active play as they used to. The world of television, video games, and internet has taken over and they need to stay active from a young age.

A child's risk of obesity doubles for every hour of television he watches every day. The average child watches 21 hours a week. CDC (Center for Disease Control) estimates more than 60% of adults are obese, 15% of children are obese and children ages 6-19 are overweight. Many conditions are associated with poor eating habits including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and malnutrition. These are occurring at a younger and younger age due to poor diets and inactivity.

Play kitchen sets and wooden playhouses for your kids are a great way to incorporate the lessons of eating right and staying active. It makes it fun for them to learn as well as making it fun for you to teach.

Therefore, start from adolescence in teaching, encouraging, and setting a good example with your children of how important it is to eat right and be active. Do it in a fun way. Encourage it with play and incorporate it into your daily lives.

Brooklyn Carter is the author and can provide additional information about wooden playhouses and play kitchen sets at www.woodenplayhousesandmore.com

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