Depression and suicide


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Depression is an illness which affects the behavior and thinking ability of an individual. There are many different types of depression as some of them might be mild or of a serious nature.

It is necessary for timely treatment of depression otherwise it would lead to various serious problems. It disturbs the routine life of the individual. There are various causes of depression such as family history, some other medical problems or undergoing various stressful events in life over a long period.

Depression has an effect on your thinking ability, behavior and mood of an individual. Some of the symptoms of depression are listed below:

  • Inability to concentrate or take important decisions

  • Lack of confidence and undertaking the routine activities of the individual

  • Changes in the eating habits and sleep patterns

  • Highly agitated and irritable

  • Suicidal thoughts or attempting suicide

  • Feeling of guilt, lonely and tired

  • Some physical symptoms such as headaches and pain

The symptoms which are provided here are only the general warning signs of depression which has to be considered and consult a doctor to confirm whether an individual showing these signs is suffering from depression. There are various tests and medical examination which are to be undertaken to confirm depression such as counseling, interview or various other tests.

The most dangerous symptoms are of the suicidal thoughts. You can undertake some steps which will help in preventing depression such as identifying them and trying to take some effective steps that would help to save the person and bring him out of depression.

It has to be taken up seriously and adequate steps have to be taken up to prevent depression. It would reduce your chances of the individual thinking about the attempting suicide or thoughts of suicide.

You have to be aware about the risk factors which would indulge you in the thoughts of suicide. This is most effective method which would help you to effectively come out of depression. It could help you to save a life of the depressed individual who has decided to take this extreme step of committing suicide.

The warning symptoms or risk factors which would can be prevented to save the life of the individual who has a desire of committing suicide. They are listed below:

  • Speaking about hopelessness, disturbed thoughts and inability to take decisions

  • Conversing about thoughts of dead , writing and discussing about death and processing of harmful substances such as knives or guns

  • Lack of interest about the future and frequently saying good bye which has a hidden meaning that it is the last time for our meeting.

There are many ways to deal with these thoughts. You can consult a doctor and simultaneously undertake various other techniques such as healthy lifestyle practices such as balanced diet and proper sleep. You can opt for other methods such as meditation, aroma therapy and yoga. These methods will help you to relax and come out of the depressing thoughts of committing a suicide.

You should also try to make yourself or the individual facing the problem realized that they are just thoughts of suicide and many individuals go through this phase in the crucial times of one’s life. You can also interact with your friend and discuss about it as it would surely help you to come out of it.

The details mentioned above are providing information about symptoms of depression and effective ways to deal with the thought of committing suicide for the person under depression.

Brad is professionally an MBA person, which is studying on topic like depression which is generally seen in youth, and also taking some new information about causes of depression, teen depression and many more.

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