A Beginner's Guide To Making Money Online Through Internet Marketing

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  • Author Shloka Raaj
  • Published August 10, 2011
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So, What is the process of Making money through Internet Marketing?

In Short, the process goes as

Making a Squeeze Page Website ==>> Driving Traffic To It ==>> Getting Your Prospect To Opt In To Your List for Free Gift ===> Sale To The List.

Always remember, this whole business is based on building your list. You can get the sale done and start making money once you build a healthy list.

So what are the tools which you are going to need.

  1. Squeeze Page Website

  2. Traffic Generating Techniques

  3. Auto Responder to Build list

  4. A product to sell once you have built a list.

How do you build a squeeze page website?

First of all you need to buy a domain name. You can buy it at GoDaddy.com, they are the most popular domain registrar. Then you need to get a hosting for your purchased domain names and set the nameservers of your domain to that provided by your host. Then You can build a squeeze page website easily with a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) web site editor. A very friendly WYSIWYG web editor is Kompozer and it can literally be learned in few hours time. You don't need to have any knowledge of HTML or CSS, the web editor does it for you, you just have to write the text where you want and put the images in place and so on, your web editor will take care of the HTML coding. You need to give a free gift to your list in value for their name and e-mail address provided by them in the opt in form. The free gift can be in the form of an e-book. You can very easily compile your own e-book related to your niche with the help of information available in public domain.After you build the website you need to upload your files to your host so that it is live on the world wide web and you require a FTP client i.e File Transfer Protocol client for this purpose. FileZilla is a very good free FTP client which you can use.

Traffic Generating Techniques

Probably this is the most challenging part for most of the Internet Marketers and many quit when they fail at it. But there are a lot many others who succeed at it and succeed in a brilliant way. There are uncountable ways of generating traffic to your site but it all depends on you, you need to sort out which works well for you and which does not. The most common and effective free ways of generating traffic are:

  1. Forum Marketing: You Join Forums and you contribute to the forum by providing quality contents in the forum in form of answers or facts etc and you leave your eye catching signature at the bottom which when people click get redirected to your website.

  2. Article Marketing: This is also a very popular free way of generating traffic in which you write articles and submit to popular websites with a link to your website and if the reader finds your article valuable he is drawn to your website.

  3. E-Mail Signatures: We send quite a lot of E-mail everyday. If we add the link to our website in our signature it will be send out in each of mails sent by us, and if the receiver is interested in the niche of our website he will visit the website.

  4. E-Book Syndication: It is a technique where you can compile an e-book related to the niche of your website and then distribute to top free eBook directories such as Free-eBooks.net for additional traffic.

  5. Facebook: Facebook has currently more than 500 million active members and it is increasing every day. You can create a Facebook like page for your website and invite your contacts to join it, as more and more people will join the page, the page will become more popular providing free traffic for your webpage.

  6. Search Engine Optimization: Every popular site gets good amount of visitors through Google. Google Loves contents and backlinks. As squeeze page is generally just a three page website consisting of Home Page/Opt In page, Thank You Page and Download Page it does not have lots of contents. But, you can surely provide link to your website at many places. If you have lots of link, some of the result in Google will take a person to the page with your link and hence

you get traffic.

Some Paid Ways to generate traffic are Google AdWords, Facebook paid advertising, classifieds advertising but you should concentrate on free ways of getting traffic if you are just starting out in this business because they also serve the purpose pretty well.

What is an Auto-Responder?

You need to have an opt in form on your website to get your prospects added to your list and autoresponder is the software which maintains the list for you. You can select the opt in form you want, send follow up messages to your list, set the time interval at which these messages would be send, include the link of the product which you are trying to sell and all this process is automated.You need to write the message only once and everybody in the list will get it according to your will. A very good and popular autoresponder service provider are AWeber.com and they also offer the service at a very reasonable price.

A Product to Sell Once You Have Build Your List

Once you have built a list you want a product to sell to your list. When you sell a product through your affiliate link you get a commission for it. Selling Digital Products is always a good idea as you get a very good commission on them which is almost always more than 50% of the price of that product. ClickBank.com is the most popular place for finding digital products to sale. You can sign up here for free and find the product related to your niche in the marketplace and then create your own affiliate link (known as hop link) for that product and when someone buys the product through your hop link you get CASH for it!

Few Things You Should Keep In Mind When Starting Internet Marketing

  1. Maintaining Correct Mindset

  2. Setting Realistic Goals

  3. Ready to work hard

What these three mean is that:

--->> This method is not very quick it takes a bit of time initially though it is certainly relatively quicker. You still need to be patient. Once the list has enough number of people, the cash will start flowing in.

--->> It will require hard work and effort at first like any other business does. It is a business after all and it does require hard work initially

--->> You will need to have a correct mindset i.e you need to provide value to your customers if you want to sell some product to them. Any one will opt in to your list only if they see some benefit for themselves. You will need to nurture the relationship with your list over time.

But...but..but all the skills required for this business are learnable as you already know most of them by now and you surely have the ability to learn them all and make real money online. It will become easier for you as you progress further and further.


It is a business which can change your life.Just imagine if you have a list of 5000 people (it can certainly be achieved in a year or two) and out of those 5000, 400 people buy a product every month through your list. Let us assume the average commission to be 20$ (Average commission will definitely not be lower than this). You make 8000$ every month and it can be achieved in a year! Well, How cool is that? I have said enough now it's your turn, go get the world!

To Your Online Success,

Shloka Raaj

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