Fantasy Football, NFL and Players take the next step to a CBA settlement

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  • Published August 14, 2011
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In the next step of the NFL and players CBA agreement, today both sides will make their arguments in front of the eighth circuit court in regards to lifting the NFL lockout. Fantasy football managers are hoping for a conclusion to this very soon.

However, no immediate decision is supposed to be rendered, and the judges may take anywhere from two to six weeks in making their decision. The eighth circuit court strongly hinted in their last decision that they would rule in keeping the lockout in place. Their last decision was to maintain the lockout after they gave their emergency ruling to reinstate the lockout when the NFL filed with them immediately after Judge Nelson ruled the lockout illegal. In that decision they hinted that after the June 3 hearing they most likely were going to keep the same rolling which would hold the lockout and leave fantasy football managers sitting on their hands and waiting.

Possible light at the end of the tunnel occurred earlier this week when the NFL and players met secretively for essentially two days – without lawyers! Following this the judge initiated or should I say advanced the mediation to what he called "confidential settlement talks." Confusing as it may be, this could be inkling that fantasy football may be just around the corner.

Optimism needs to be tempered at this point. The realization that the players have not lost very much income, to date, means that they may not be in a big hurry to settle, despite the fact that the NFL seems to be holding the upper hand at this point. The majority of their income is earned during the regular season which means week one is a pivotal point and that's far far away. However, there is hope that during this two to six week time frame both sides could make some meaningful agreements now that we're in this confidential settlement mode.

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