Understanding Your Hair Transplant Procedure

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  • Author Marcello Delmer
  • Published September 11, 2011
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Hair transplant surgery is becoming increasingly popular and it certainly is something that can help you to gain a natural look to your hair that may now be missing. There are differences, however, in the type of hair transplantation that you can choose which will make differences, not only in the procedure itself but in the final product. That is why we only choose the best type of hair transplant surgery that is available, referred to as micro-follicular unit transplantation. What is it that you can expect when having this procedure done and what are some of the most common questions that are asked?

One of the main things that you should understand about hair transplant surgery is the fact that the procedure actually begins long before you ever sit in the chair. Your doctor is going to want to sit with you in order to review your goals and to give you an overview of what type of surgical plan is going to be used. During this time, careful measurements are going to be taken of both the hair loss area and the donor area, which is where the transplanted hair will come from. Your doctor will also give you an idea of what you can expect after the procedure is done as well as letting you know approximately how many follicular grafts are going to need to be done.

During the surgical process itself, the donor area is going to be numbed and a strip will be removed from the area, just deep enough to include the hair follicles that are existing in the area. This is the donor hair that will be used in the part of your head that is experiencing hair loss. Something that is important for you to understand about this part of the process is that we only use a seamless closure technique. One of the problems that many people run into during hair transplant surgery is that a noticeable scar is left in the donor area. The technique that we use is minimally invasive and it is very difficult to detect where the incision took place.

From the donor hair, natural follicular groups of anywhere from 1 to 4 hairs are going to be chosen and then microscopically inserted into the receptor sites. This is done using precision surgical needles so that you will have a natural look, even from the first procedure that is completed. It also helps to ensure that the hair is going to be as dense as possible in the area so that the natural look is even more pronounced.

You will be happy to know, after the hair transplant procedure has taken place, you can expect approximately 98% of all the follicular units that were inserted to continue growing. This growth is going to appear, in most cases, within the first week after the procedure has been done. Although you may experience some temporary hair loss, which is completely normal during this type of procedure, once your hair begins growing after a few months, it will be permanent.

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