De-cluttering Child's Room With Beautiful Wooden Toy Boxes

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  • Published September 13, 2011
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Most playrooms or bedrooms have toys overflowing from the closet. There is a need for more storage in children’s rooms. It can be hard to decide where to put all the extra toys. A solution is using wooden toy boxes. They are beautiful, sturdy and they can function as both storage and decoration to your child’s room. They will enhance your other furniture.

It is vital that you choose a toy box that is sturdy. Most children will stand and play on the toy box. That is why wooden toy boxes are probably best because of their durability. They have covered hinges that make them safer for children to not get their fingers pinched. This is a very important feature since your children will be opening and closing the toy box. These toy boxes will be an investment that will last a long time. The will be something you can pass on to future generations.

You are able to find wooden toy boxes that will add great detail to your child’s room. There is a box out there to match any theme of room. Some wooden toy boxes include: sport team logos, fairy princess designs, and cowboy and Indians pictures. Other boxes are shaped like trains, fire trucks, and pirate boxes. These particular ones add imagination to childhood and they become more than a storage place. They become your child’s favorite place to play. They offer hours of enjoyment as your child pretends to sail on the ocean to find a pirate box full of treasure. Or your child can climb on top of the fire truck and race to put out the nearest fire. These are just a few examples of the adventures your child will be sure to have. Your child will also be more excited to put their toys away in the magical looking toy box.

There are more traditional wood boxes that match any color of wood. These are great for the older child or the newborn baby room. They look timeless and can be used later to store many other things other than toys. They will grow with your child and their continual changing needs. You can add your child’s personal name to the toy box and give it a personal feeling. Your child will love to see their name on the box.

Wooden toy boxes are handcrafted to match the theme of your child’s bedroom. They become more than just a toy box for storage. They become a beautiful piece of furniture and they will be something you are proud to display. They will not take away anything away from your room; instead, they will add a magical element to your room.

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