Conservative Policies and How They Aim to Fix the Country's Problems

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  • Author Socrates Stempowski
  • Published November 6, 2011
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Nowadays, the country is severely divided about various issues. One of the main topics of debate currently is illegal immigration. Capital punishment, education, and abortion are also other hotly debated topics. Here's a look at current conservative policies on some of these topics.

Our country can actually benefit from immigration, but illegal immigration isn't necessarily a good thing. The main issue is the fact that illegal immigrants can get into the country so easily. If anyone want to attack the country, they may be able to get in easily through some of the same venues.

Another issue that conservative policies address is the role of government in its citizen's lives. The government shouldn't stick its nose in our business. We're dangerously close to becoming a welfare state also and that certainly shouldn't happen.

Abortion is yet another issue when it comes to American politics. Many conservatives are split about this issue. Even if they can't agree on whether it's wrong or right, they still feel the federal government shouldn't have any say in it. However, the Constitution can be amended to address the issue, giving the federal government some say-so.

One of the most pressing issues in the country is education since it directly affects the future of the country. Since it's an individual's right to believe whatever they want, religious prayer in school should be allowed.

Capital punishment is also taken into account with conservative policies. If someone takes another person's life, then it's only fair that their life be taken as well. Other conservatives are a bit more compassionate about it, believing in the power of forgiveness because of their Christian roots.

One of the biggest current arguments is in regards to the Second Amendment. Conservatives don't like the thought of the government trying to take away its citizens guns. Only criminals would be left with guns if regular citizens couldn't legally own one.

Now you know how conservative policies address some of the most debated topics around the country. Although immigration can be good for the country, people definitely shouldn't be allowed to enter the country illegally. It's best to allow school prayer to go unchecked in school since it is an individual's right to do so.

Nowadays, every citizen needs to pay attention to the current state of affairs in the country. You need to stay updated on current conservative policies. Make sure that you check out this blog if you're interested in conservative politics.

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