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Who can overlook Hollywood celebrities Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey as the newly-weds? Or Britney Spears and Kevin Federline in the suitably named "Chaotic," which lasted an entire five episodes. Then there's Hulk Hogan and his ex wife Linda, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, and Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro. Even Hollywood celebrities Liza Minnelli and David Gest allegedly had a reality Telly show in the making, but I suppose the relationship didn't survive long enough to assemble a camera crew together. And let's take a moment to keep in mind those reality Telly relationship pioneers, the Bachelors and Bachelorettes, whose relationships have largely ended up on the scrapheap. (Trista and Ryan Sutter, who not simply managed to get wed but additionally began a family, are notable exceptions.)

Psychologist James Houran, Ph.D., is a romance expert, co-author of "Celebrity Worshippers: Inside the Minds of Stargazers," and noted authority on Hollywood celebrities. He says that whilst the impact of reality TV programming on celebrity relationships hasn't truly been studied, celebrity couples live their life as if they are in "a daily reality TV show" anyway.

Kevin Federline was interviewed on a radio show during Halloween of 2006, when he came on to speak about the launch of his CD "Playing with Fire." It was at a critical time in the entertainer's life, not very long after "Chaotic" and just days ahead of his acrimonious breakup with Britney. It appeared that his attitude about the intrusion of the press into the couple's life had changed since he'd agreed to share his home videos with the planet in a reality TV show. It had of course made him aware of how much disruption media publicity could cause to home life.

By this stage, Britney had given birth to their second child, Jayden James, and Federline had experienced time to get used to living inside the mass media bubble that was Britney's universe. The reports in the media concerning the couple ended up getting so outlandish that I wondered whether or not Britney and K-Fed could possibly have started some of them as a joke. "We don't do any of that," he replied. "It's crazy. That's how much attention the media gives us. They make up all this stuff; we don't have to do anything."

Unlike Hollywood celebrities, you as well as your significant other do not have the paparazzi after your every move; you do not live with the risk of your TV show getting cancelled; you don't wake in the morning worrying if today is your day for a tabloid scandal. Living a normal life is a gift to a marriage. You get to define your relationship, no one else. Grievances take place for a celebrity couple when they don't have sufficient real couple time. "Without privacy and psychological space, a couple has little chance to build a strong, loving and enduring couple identity," claims psychologist James Houran. "That is, the couple no longer has that partnership as a retreat or a sanctuary from business along with other pressures." Make the most of one's non-celebrity status and search for personal time as a couple therefore you can construct the relationship that you both want.

It's very unlikely that a Television producer is going to contact tomorrow asking you and your loved ones to star in a brand new reality show, but this archetype can nonetheless apply to real life. You will find partners whose relationships suffer simply because there are too many eyes watching their every single step, and they generate very many brutally honest reviews of their performance. There are new parents who will need a bit of guidance but instead have in-laws who observe and criticize their each and every parenting choice. You'll find couples that have friends and family over their shoulders the entire time, wanting to steer the relationship.

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