You Can Merge Christianity with Feng Shui Principles in Harmony

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  • Published March 24, 2012
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The practice of Feng Shui originated in China where the most predominant religion is Buddhism. Even so, Feng Shui is not a Buddhist practice, although many Buddhists will practice it in order to achieve harmony and wellness and abundance in their home. This ancient art was recently brought to America in what is known as a New Age form. Many Christians will shun anything that is New Age, because it comes with symbols or figurines that go against what is known in Christianity as worshiping false gods or altars. This is why many Christians believe that Feng Shui goes against their religion.

True Feng Shui however does not actually use these lucky figures or religious statues. The true form of Feng Shui makes use of the five elements of the universe, water, earth, fire, wood, and metal. True Feng Shui in the Christian home even will bring all of these universal elements together to create balance and harmony. If you are only using these classical elements in your Christian home, you can still practice Feng Shui and turn your home into a spiritual retreat, rather than one that worships pagan gods or altars.

The most popular religion in America today is Christianity. If you were to ask most of the top Feng Shui consultants in America what the religious denominations of their clients were then, most of them would say that most of their clients are Christian. This is a true marker of a classic Feng Shui consultant, one that relies on the classical principles of Feng Shui, over one that relies on the use of pagan symbols or religious statues to bring Feng Shui into a Christian home.

How Feng Shui can work in a Christian home is by using these classical principles of construction and the compass by determining a mathematical calculation using the five elements previously mentioned. This formula will determine a flying star pattern of energy that is used along with the birth dates in the home to create a compass for sleeping areas for example. If your religion allows you to honor your birth date, then you can implement Feng Shui principles into your home to create your spiritual retreat and create a Christian Feng Shui home.

In addition, water is a critical principle in the Feng Shui home. If you have a religious doctrine that allows you to water your outdoor garden, you can create a Christian Feng Shui home accordingly. By bringing in the yang element of water through a fountain in your home, you have just used Feng Shui without going against your doctrine at all. These are just a few ways to merge your Christianity with Feng Shui to create the Christian Feng Shui you dream of. You don't need to go against your principles to create the principles at home in your own spiritual retreat.

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