Dog hair brushing: Is it essential?


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  • Published April 4, 2012
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The relationship shared between humans and canines goes long back in history when canines used to be a part of their family not only for protection but also for hunting purposes. Canines had always been an integral part of the lives of the cave men. This is validated by many artifacts left behind by the inhabitants of that age. From then till now, dogs have become the most loved pets and their masters offer their utmost care and love towards the well being of the animal. In the events of taking care of the animal, it has been noted that the fur of dogs is extremely delicate and dog hair brushing is an essential part of it.

There are many institutions which offer professional services in improving the health and hygiene of the animal. Apart from that, most of the owners take personal interest in taking care of the health of their beloved and extremely loyal four legged friends. The fur of the dog is dependent on the geographical location from where it originates. The arctic dogs have a much thicker fur which protects them from those extremities. This is in contrast to the dogs belonging to the Mediterranean climate, where the fur is minimal so that the animal does not feel hot due to the fur. The problem of hair fall also persists; therefore dog hair brushing becomes a concern for the dog owners.

Apart from the health and hygiene of the dog, dog hair brushing is considered to be one of the best ways to bond with your beloved pet. Nothing would ease the animal more than feeling a soft touch helping it smoothe sections which it finds unreachable. This is considered to be one of the best ways to get closer with the dear animal. The animal not only feels healthier after a clean coat through the thorough dog hair brushing but also looks healthier. After being groomed by the owner, the animal’s responses are full of love and affection towards the master.

Another advantage that comes along after the Dog Hair Brushing is a better circulation of blood within the body of the animal. It gets all the more crucial for older animals since they need a better circulation than the younger ones. Last but not the least; matted hair which is caused due to extreme dirt and filth is completely avoided. Apart from brushing, clipping the hair off the animal is also essential. Matted hair can turn out to be a painstaking experience for the canine. Care should be taken while cleaning off the hair.

The hair can be cleaned off either by moving the hair brush through the hair or if the hair has been matted for a very long time, it would need to be shaved off. There are many steps which are to be religiously followed while cleaning the dog and the area where the animal resides. Canines are very susceptible beings and need a lot of love and care to lead a healthy life.

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lisa · 8 years ago
Great Article! I am owned by 3 Shih Tzus and love to sit and groom them its very relaxing and like you said it gives you time to bond with your pet. My dogs actually have learned that they love to be groomed they get one on one time with mom and look and feel great when finished. Oh and one more thing they know when they are done they get a treat! Thanks