David Wood and Mitt Romney: Much In common But A World Apart

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  • Author Ernie Nuylan
  • Published April 8, 2012
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David Wood and Mitt Romney: Much In common But A World Apart

What do David Wood and Mitt Romney have in common?

They’re rich and famous - and enjoys being so.

However, they can be a world apart.

What else is common?

Don’t be shocked with what I have to say: both are men of God !

You think it’s only from my point of view, but considering that both of them belong to The Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints, or the Mormon Church, they are pretty much into God and Religion.

(That we differ from them in our religious views, is another matter.)

As far as I know, their young people all go through a period of at least three years in active missionary service.

Saw those clean-shaven young men in neck-tied white shirt and black pants, wearing nameplates and smiles, knocking door to door Bible in hands?

Yep. You can bet that’s who they are - missionaries in the service of the Lord ! (At this point, picture in your mind the young David and Romney exactly attired as described - and you have 2 saints walking together…)

What else is common to both men?

They’re businessmen - however, in different industries.

David is a topnotch internet marketer with a Google monthly search of over 130,000 for the keyword David Wood alone. Add to it the other several keyword variations, and you get millions. He has thousands of downlines in different MLM companies he excels in, founded his own company, and has established himself as a go to mentor in his chosen field. (That’s really cool…)

Not to be confused with many other David Woods, try typing "work with david wood" or "working with david wood" and you’ll be taken to the site in .29 seconds, compared with simply googling his name.

As for Romney, (never mind googling him as his face is one of the most familiar faces that you can see on every news channel) everyone knows what businesses he’d been into, and is into.

Almost everything about his life is under public scrutiny - especially that he’s known to be worth at least more than $300M and counting up in assets. (He’s still entitled to some privacy that shelters him from having to declare the exact amount no matter how public a person he is.)

They’re both family men.

David is so public in his declaration of love for his wife. I believe this endears him to her even more. And he can gain love and respect from everyone for that honest show of love and fidelity.

Mitt enjoys and takes pride in the support of his wife, which they mutually express; and the number of their children is enough of a showcase to see that they live in love.

What sets them apart is politics.

David is not into politics but Romney is.

Whereas businessmen are always associated with money, whatever be the connotation of money, good or bad, (remember, the Gospel, in many instances, looks at money and riches with disfavor, like placing God and money as two masters you can not serve, or the rich being unable to go to heaven lest they go through the eye of a needle…) politicians are associated more with money, corruption and lies.

Ugh. Guilty by association.

Not fair. Rally, really not fair.

Only lawyers may come in close second to politicians in being targeted with this guilt by association mudslinging technique; but they are usually spared from this in a subtle way because they’re quite often its practitioners.

Oh no… What have I written? (sigh…)

I like David and Romney for who they are… could be a fan of both, however apolitical. Never meant to associate anything with unsavory connotation. These are just generalizations…

I like money. Who doesn’t? Even they who may look at money from the Gospel point of view depends on money so much for their charity.

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