Selecting Grain Free Dog Food for Your Doggy


  • Author Joel Palmer
  • Published April 12, 2012
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Like homo-sapiens, dogs need nourishing nutrient dense diets. If homo-sapiens ate nothing but fast food all the time, all we would have was sugar flowing through our bodies. Because dogs can't digest grain or wheat very well, it turns into sugar, but with grain free dog food, dogs get nutrient dense diets just as if they were in nature.

In the wild, dogs eat raw meat from animals that they have killed or found that are dead. They eat a wide range of animals, such as fish, deer, and farm animals. Though, your house pet may not be wild by nature, he derived from the wild, and needs the same nutrition as a wild dog does. Because raw meat can be unsanitary, grain free is a healthy alternative.

Because your dog will be getting a great amount of protein, and a high calorie diet, you will have to change their eating routines marginally. Though changing your dog to a new food, makes it essential for a few alterations, the nutritional value of grain free significantly offsets the changes you will have to make.

Because grain free foods are high in calories, your dog may gain weight if you feed it the amount you did on regular dog food, however, if your dog gets a lot of physical activity or training, it will devour about the same quantity. Just like wild dogs, grain free nourished dogs get proteins and fiber. Changing exactly how much your dog consumes and how often will fluctuate by dog.

Many individuals ponder why grain fee is superior and if there is any visible alteration between a dog that eats regular dog food and a dog that eats grain free. The answer is yes. There remain significant obvious differences between the two dog foods. Dogs that eat grain free have polished coats, healthier skin, fresher breath, higher energy levels, and fewer stools compared to dogs that don't.

Because grain free fed dogs spend less of their energy trying to break down the grains in their bodies so they can use it, they are healthier in all the other areas they were once lacking in. Providing adequate nutrition gives your dog a longer healthier life, and you will be able to see the difference.

As you go to the store, you will see many different brands of dog food. Each one will assure you the optimum nourishment for your canine; many of these tactics are just marketing strategies. When in doubt, read the label. Many bags will say organic, but that doesn't mean grain free. Even if it says grain free, check the label. To ensure your dog gets the best make sure there are no grain or wheat ingredients.

Do you want your dog to live to see your grandchildren? Feeding them grain free dog food is the first step to optimizing your dog's life span. Pets are part of the family and they ought to have just as much adoration and nutrition as anyone in your household. Give your dog an enhanced life; feed them grain free.

I'm a family pet health practitioner who specializes in raw dog food diets. Click here for more information.

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