What Celebrities Suffer from OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?


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  • Published April 25, 2012
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If you are dealing with issues pertaining to anxiety and a need for order and cleanliness in very specific areas of your life, you may be dealing with some of the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. While it may feel like a very scary thing to deal with, or even to acknowledge, there are ways that you can take away this fear or stigma surrounding your obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms. One of the key things that takes the fear out of dealing with OCD or getting obsessive compulsive disorder treatment is knowing that you are not alone. OCD is in fact the fourth most commonly diagnosed mental illness. As well, many celebrities have been very public in their struggle with OCD symptoms. Having OCD doesn't mean you are disabled or crazy, it just means you have different needs than others. Here we talk about how some of your favorite celebrities are dealing with the very same thing, and obviously, leading very successful lives.

  1. Cameron Diaz will be very open in her issue surrounding germs. She has been known to even open up doors for her interviews with her feet or her elbows out of her fears that she will catch germs or a flu. She also is well known to wash her hands repeatedly and will wipe any doorknobs that she comes in hand to hand contact with.

  2. Ghost Whisperer Jennifer Love Hewitt is also very open about her OCD. Jennifer is unable to sleep in any room that has open doors, and this includes doors on closets and cabinetry. She will also check to see that all doors in any room she sleeps in are closed a certain number of times, and won't be able to sleep unless she does.

  3. Alec Baldwin also suffers from OCD. His fixations center around orderly surroundings and being clean all the time. If somebody else touches his belongings, he senses it immediately and experiences anxiety. He has even been said to compete with his own housekeeper when it comes to household tasks. He has also been known to even miss flights if he finds out the dishes need to get done first.

  4. Leonardo DiCaprio has received treatments for OCD, and had it under control for some time until recently. His compulsive obsessive disorder centers around not being able to step on a crack on sidewalks or on the floor. He has been known to walk very specifically onto movie sets, and even contracted his film work to ensure there are no cracks on the floor.

  5. Howie Mandel has been so public about his illness, that he even attributes his success to it. He says he wouldn't be able to be as funny without his obsessive compulsive personality disorder, and has been very active in working to get insurance companies to cover OCD medication and obsessive compulsive disorder therapy.

  6. David Beckham is a man that most people think "has it all" and he does, and that "all" includes getting obsessive compulsive disorder help. This soccer star can not tolerate anything that is not symmetrical, and can not handle chaos or anything that is "uneven". He also has difficulty dealing with anything that isn't paired, which should work very well for his wife's shoe passion.

Obsessive compulsive disorder causes vary, but you can see that it is very possible to live a very successful life with OCD. Treating OCD is the best way to manage your problem. If you think you have OCD, ask for obsessive compulsive disorder help today!

Visit OCD to find out everything you need to know about signs, symptoms, and treatment of OCD. You are not alone! Even many celebrities lead very successful lives with obsessive compulsive disorder!

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