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  • Published May 21, 2012
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When people become dog owners, they have a lot of things they need to be aware of. Although dogs look tough, their bodies aren't as tough as they would like it to be. They are easily sickened and when they are ill, they are taken to their vet. Surprisingly, vets say dog skin allergies are the most common reason they see so many dogs in their clinic.

Dogs have a very sensitive immune and digestive system. When they are exposed to something that their bodies can't handle, they have an allergic reaction. One of the symptoms of those reactions is when dog skin allergies begin.

When a dog has been exposed to something they are allergic to, they begin to have dog skin allergies. This is one of the first signs they are allergic to something. Dogs that are experiencing these reactions often itch mercilessly when they inhale or rub against something they are allergic to. Dogs without relief from the constant itching normally get very moody.

Many dog owners don't think that their dog's constant itching is a sign of dog skin allergies. Many tend to overlook it as something that dogs do. When a dog constantly scratches in one place, they are having a reaction to some sort of allergen.

Another sign of dog skin allergies are hives. When they are around something they are allergic to, dogs can develop hives. These hives show up on their faces and bodies. In some places, hives can make their hair stand straight up and they can also make a dog's eyelids swell.

Another cause of dog skin allergies are insect bites. Sometimes the insects have something that is on their bodies or leave behind a chemical that will irritate the dog. Because the allergy only occurs when they are bitten, it is wise for pet owners to be aware of their dog's behavior when they come in from outside.

Dog food can also be the cause of dog skin allergies. With so many ingredients in different dog food, it can be hard to find exactly what they are allergic too. There are different reactions that can happen amongst different dogs but skin allergies are the most common. When skin allergies become an issue, it alerts their owners and veterinarians that there could be something wrong with the food they are eating.

With so many things that cause dog skin allergies, dog owners have to be very aware of the way there dogs are behaving. When they see behavior that isn't their normal behavior, it may be an indicator something is wrong. When they are constantly scratching and biting their skin, it is time to take them to their vet.

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