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  • Published May 24, 2012
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Procrastination is not a sign of "laziness" but it is a way to avoid dealing with insecurities and limitations. There may be several reasons why people procrastinate while doing things, maybe we are doing things that we do not like doing or they not interest us. Either way here are some useful tips on how to get things done fast and stop procrastinating.

  1. Train your strength and will

Strength and will are like a normal muscle in the body, they will atrophy and weakens if not used, the more we procrastinate when getting things done, and the more difficult will be for us to stop doing it. On the other hand, if we can overcome our procrastination and start doing things on our terms it will be increasingly easier to get things done and our willpower will strength.

  1. Do things gradually

Do not let abuts and suddenly change everything. Especially at the beginning we better start with fewer goals, better start simple and defined. We are happy to start small and when we are used to address issues quickly we can gradually increase the challenges.

  1. Do not put off until you reach the perfect time and mood

If we are waiting for the right moment to getting things done and stop procrastinating, we could be waiting a very long time. Try and do things even if you do not like them, in fact you should make sure that you do those things that you do not like first, they will be out of your way and do not have to think about it again.

  1. Associates an unpleasant task with a pleasant one.

Let's say you do not particularly enjoy running or going to the gym, but you love music. You will run or train with a portable mp3 player to make you enjoy more what you Aare doing even if you do not like it. I am sure you get the point.

  1. Get help

Getting things done properly sometimes involves another person. A close friend or a family member is ideal, especially if they are already accustomed to not procrastinating.

  1. Always think: "I'll make it!"

Fight doubts and anxieties about what you might not be able or want to do it. We need to indulge in self-motivation which will strengthen your self-esteem. Try and never abandon what you are doing and stay positive at all time.

  1. Do boring and repetitive tasks at the same time of the day

When we are getting into the habit to do getting things done, even the one that we do not like will feel less boring. To help you out on this, you should try and do those boring tasks at the same time of the day or the week. We will get used to even the least attractive things


  1. Think of those good tasks you will do one the boring ones are out of the way

Repeat to yourself positive phrases like "I will finish these tasks first and then I will do what I really like". Again by doing so you will keep your motivation running as you are not concentrating solely on the negative of getting things done.

  1. You know who you are and what you want

Many people are used to not get things done and to procrastinate. They do not take important decisions and not engage in something, because they have not yet figured out who they are and what they want from life. They do not feel ready to face tough choices and live a passive life waiting to see where it is taken them. It is important to understand that only by trying and making experiences, it is possible to understand and follow a path.

  1. Reward yourself

Every time you get things done, especially the most boring ones, reward yourself with something you like doing. It could be something that you like to eat, or a fun activity that you like to do. Both ways, if you have done what you were supposed to and stop procrastinating you should be rewarded with something enjoyable.

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