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  • Published July 17, 2012
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Hypnosis is one such state that surely fascinates lots of people and leaves many others in awe. There are many people who try to learn the art of hypnosis which is usually called as hypnosis induction.

The process of hypnosis induction involves a series of preliminary suggestions as well as instructions. These instructions and suggestions are given by the hypnotist in the presence of the subject. The term hypnosis was coined by James Braid when he mentioned "neuro-hypnotism" which means sleep of the nervous system. Hypnosis is a very dangerous proposition when the same is done to inject some idea into the mind of the subject.

Popular belief says that people who are hypnotized are in sleep but in reality they are very much awake but with their attention on a focused thing. James Braid also mentioned the act of hypnosis to be a state where the body relaxes and is followed by concentration of the mind.

Hypnosis is many times used for getting patients and people out of situations such as negative attitude, behavior, boosting confidence, removing of anxiety etc. However the same must be always carried out under the supervision of a trained and experienced hypnotist.

The term hypnosis is very often associated with hypnotherapy. This is a therapy that one comes across as a subject in hypnosis. There are lots of positive things that can be done with the help of hypnotism and that is the reason why people are taking the same even more seriously. One can induce several positive traits and characters in a human with the help of hypnotism. This is the reason the modern hypnotism branches out into another very interesting aspect called self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is nothing but a branch of hypnosis where the process is carried out by a person on himself or herself. This self induced method can be done by self suggestions and instructions.

Contrary to popular belief self-hypnosis does not happen when a person listens to prerecorded audio or video clips. Rather it involves hypnotherapy and can be perfected by undergoing a series of routine. This method has helped several people in attaining better results and also in turning out to be better human beings.

Randy Charach who is an hypnotist uses this method extensively and also advices others to do the same. Randy Charach who is an hypnotist is also a millionaire magician for years now. When asked about his reason behind success he dedicates the same to self-hypnosis.

Randy Charach is an entertainer and tries his best to help other entertainers as well so that they also end up being better and surely successful. He claims that with the help of self-hypnosis an entertainer can understand the power within him or herself and thus exploit them for better results.

Self-hypnosis also helps you to explore more about yourself and thus you can know what the other things are where you can excel as well. The self-hypnosis can be very beneficial if done properly and can be very effective if one follows a routine.

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